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  1. Extremaly hard to kill, more than 30+ hits with Butcher's Sword(Novice) with ss I waste all my ss doing the quest, lol
  2. I'm sorry about your bad luck. There can be another bug, not really rate related, who knows. I drop my blue gem from Gremlin at 5 lvl, after killing 100 or more mobs, lol. My recipes are spoiled not so easy, but as expected. I mean compared to retail c1-c3 servers.
  3. Spoil is ok, as far i checked on low level mobs - my recipes are spoiled as expected (cbp, steel, cokes, synth cokes, durable braid etc). Sligtly low adena drop rate. Bugged quests, not only in reward but hints/status as well, not all, but some. Some monsters have a extremely low exp/sp rate, it is obviously bug (for example - dwarf village northern area, Northern Tridens and mobs around - wolfs and bats, around 100XP and 2-3SP) In my opinion most of complainers are players from high rate pirate servers, but yes, bugs exists.
  4. I love the smell of n00bs scream in the morning.
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