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  1. Actually PK chars blackmail players, 10 days ago my party was pk- ed from GetWrecked , Giran server and he told me that I have to pay him 100 Proof of blood every week per party and he will not kill me. Funny, isnt it? Seems blackmailing is ok for all of us.
  2. The general problem is not If I or you will or not buy XP/SP iems, the general problem is that there aren't places for exping With or Without XP/SP runes, hats....etc. I don't think its normal 1 mob to be killed by 30 players.
  3. I dont want to blame anybody, but every single one of our actions in life has reactions - consequences....The situation in Giran server, because of bots, is out of control. What for we have hats with 20 % exp, exp runes, why to buy these items....when there aren't places for exping anymore. Check all areas in Giran server, for one mob there are 20 players...
  4. Yes, please make discount for transfer after merging Freya and Naia!
  5. Really? Sorry to say that, but if you prefer MAX, you are totally a delusional person .
  6. Are you planing to make a discount for transfering, as you did when you merged Zaken to Chronos?
  7. I hate MAX clan, so between those 2 clans I personally prefer DH to win.
  8. Shaella

    THE GODS!!

    LOL HappyLife is still alive hue hue hue
  9. Shaella

    Naia's Future

    There isn't future for Naia anymore! Soon or later they will merge all 3 s3rv3rs into 1.
  10. +1 to merge all 3 servers into one new! Freya + Naia = one more dead server. Freya+Chronos+Naia will be a hope for some fun.
  11. Correct, the people who we fight together Max Have Quit! The question is why they quited? You know the answer and still you are proud and happy, that you will be in one clan with MAX ! Sad story! Anyway have fun!
  12. If it's true that you are proud and happy, because MAX is transfering at Chronos, I m totally dissapointed from you Pr1nce! I will never forget what they did to my CP!!!! You know what I m talking about! This is unforgetable, and now you are happy, because of MAX! You really sold out your old friends! I am really sad what this game are doing on some ppl! Tragedy!
  13. You quoted me incorrectly, but I am too tired and bored to argue with male individs with too short "instruments" , so... jkkjgkfhccv,nb
  14. Its not only about "human reflex" and "human nature", do you know why we failed with RisingStar in the past? Its simple, RS didnt got a clan leader..I think ppl are joining DH, because of good organisation and because of OZZy. No good clan leader - no good clan.
  15. I stopped to play L2 for 6 months, thats why I was so naive and was thinking to go bk to Naia, if they merge Freya and Naia, but now I realised that even, if they do this merge, the new european server will be dead before being born, so may be Aisen is right, we all need 1 active server with all crests together, that will be funny About topic....my question is why you all in a so big hurry to get 105 level? What are you going to do after this?
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