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  1. Etheria Wiz: Hydro Strike?

    So its kinda like a backstab? Strange class to be called a mage, lol. Thank you though!
  2. New Lineage II Classic Server: Gludio

    Answers to various questions in here: 1: The transferred Launch Pack box and 2400pt VIP scroll will be sent to the warehouse of the Gludio character you had it transferred too, they will NOT be in the Dimensional Trader. 2: VIP Status - This does not transfer in full. When you transfer, they will deduct 2400 VIP points from that server and delete the character that had the pack. If you had VIP 4, that server will be dropped down to VIP 2, with 1600 points. 3: The new character on Gludio will get a brand new Launch Pack and the 2400pt VIP scroll. So you will have VIP 3, a new XP Rune and all the other items that came with the pack you had. 4: If you want to have VIP 4 on Gludio, you'll need to spend an additional 1600 points. 5: Support went out of their way to explain this in their emails, and were more than willing to answer any questions. Note: I am trying to get a more clear explanation about VIP Status transfer as I was under the impression that the old server would be reduced to VIP 0, while Gludio would get all the VIP points.
  3. Etheria Wiz: Hydro Strike?

    Total newb here, asked this question under the Wizard Class section, but no response yet. How does this skill work? It just stays grayed out on my hotbar. The skill description doesn't mention any material requirements or conditions to use, so I'm rather lost on what is making it unusable.
  4. Etheria Wiz Class: Hydro Strike?

    Newb question, but how do you use this skill? It just remains grayed out / unusable while on my hotbar. The skill description doesn't mention any reagents needed or conditions to use, so I'm missing something.
  5. Sure. First, while ingame, open up Task Manager and click the Performance tab. At the bottom of that tab you'll see "Open Performance Monitor", click that. Then click the Network tab. This will have some frames with a bunch of stuff in them. Look at the TCP Connections frame to see the executables related to Lineage 2. You should see the IP Address that those L2 executables are connected too. Those are the ones you want. Now that you have those you can run a simple command in a dos window. Click on the start button on the taskbar, then type in "cmd" and choose Command Prompt. When that is open you can type " tracert xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx " without quotes and replace x's with the IP for a L2 executable you found in the TCP Connections. That is going to show you the path your packets take from your computer to the L2 datacenter. What you are looking for are really high latency nodes, or nodes where you see "*" instead of a latency number. You might start to see " * * * " towards the end of the path (this will the datacenters ddos protection, and that is normal). You're looking for nodes between the first and last which have high latency or packet loss. Try running the tracert on other IP's that you visit normally, like Google or whatever to see the difference. The first few hops from your computer should be on your ISP's network, if you see high latency / packet loss on those hops consistently, I would call your ISP and tell them something is wrong. If you see bad connections after that, well, you're out of luck since those hops are on another network and your provider (and NCSoft) will/can do nothing about them. You can also download a program called WinMTR (v092). This will show you the same info that tracert will, but in a windows program, and you can let it run for awhile. You can do this while playing, or you can do right after a disconnect in hopes of spotting the node that is messing with your connection.
  6. Why are BOT not banned?

    The number of Russians botting in Classic far outnumbers NCWest Support staff.
  7. Somethin is definitely WRONG here

    To a newb like me, this make zero sense. I have never, ever seen Spoil get "resisted" when cast on a mob (only lvl30). Spoil has always been, in my experience, a Yes/No RNG thing on whether it triggers on mob death, with the level of the skill having some influence on that RNG (I've had more success with higher ranked Spoil).
  8. Well, what have you done to try and see what is going on? It could be that you have shitty internet, or it could be something shitty going on between your and the data center in Texas. Have you tried running /tracerts to the server? I haven't been disconnected once in the time Classic has been out, so from my pov, the servers have been perfectly stable.
  9. Adena tips for noobs?

    Yea, luckily it is one set per account. They are good quests for normal players who need a boost, experienced players will not need it. Then you have the rmt types who abuse it.
  10. Adena tips for noobs?

    Make accounts. Make mages. Run spider quest at Elven Village and Dark Elven Village. Profit.
  11. Adena farm

    You do not get adena from every spider you kill, fyi. The spider quest becomes much more efficient as you level up, at lvl28 both Arachnid Trackers and Giant Venomous Spiders still give xp, and mages should be able to one shot them using SS. I did about 45/50 on my lvl28 elven wiz, got at least 20% xp (did not do the entire 45 in one sitting!).
  12. Issue abount passive of light armor of orc shaman

    Well, the +91% cast speed bonus on Light Armor gives less casting speed than the +Cast Speed from the Robe innate, so I would assume that all the Mage innates from wearing Robes will be superior to anything Light Armor gives.
  13. Bot Age 2

    There comes a point where players get frustrated at the lack of action taken against obvious situations where people are blatantly using bots or scripts to make their characters automated. If anyone at NCWest has a few minutes, I suggest checking out Elven Forest spider quest area, and also in Elven Village to see the continual train of Dark Elves pathing along the exact same path from GK to quest NPC to GK to spiders. You might get a response from some person near the computer running the bots, but if you spend the time to actually watch, you could not come away without thinking they were bots.
  14. New Lineage II Classic Server: Gludio

    Does anyone know if you can send NCoin, and also your current VIP Status to Gludio as well? I'd really consider moving to Gludio if I could keep my VIP4, Ncoin and Pack items.
  15. Inactive AFK's Booted?

    I just found out that there was a server reboot to fix an issue with the Event monster respawn timer, that had to be what caused my characters to get disconnected. =) Thank you for the response, post can be nuked if needed!