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  1. 1 week and still waiting my NCcoin hahahahahaha. 0 response for support team and i am really frustrated. i dont want to wait 1 more week or probably 1 or 2 months idk, i want my money back!!!!!!
  2. Will Gludio have a good future? 1.- Yes 2.- No 3.- a empty server
  3. @Hime @Juji Guys i need my NCcoins or my money back. i do more than 5 tickets and 0 answers.
  4. i pay and dont receive nothing, 48 hours and no help for supports.. Sooo.. i pay 5 dollars and still crying.
  5. i am waiting 48 hours after i purchase like 1600 NCcoin, and they dont answer nothing. idk what more i have to do
  6. in this error staff will probably help u so quickly because they need ur money but after this if u get a error they probably take a lot of days to answer u. (My case)
  7. LF Support for help with a purchase !
  8. 6 hours more and nothing about my purchase. Support team is busy or probably doesnt exist (?)
  9. still waiting more than 24 hours ...
  10. Still waiting after i purchase NCcoin and dont get nothing. btw i get error trying to log in any account in lineage2.com i only can log in on my mobile phone. PLZ HELP ME @Hime @Juji
  11. I cant log any account. i already buy NCcoin but i dont get nothing. Try to log my account to do a support ticket and cant log in. I am writing on my mobile phone. @Hime @Juji
  12. Have the same problem but i buy NCcoin but i dont get it. How i can créate a ticket
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