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  1. Right, where was RR's castle? What a joke!
  2. That's not really the case and you know it. Your cp jumps back and forth from MS and THE FALLEN and you started putting wars up so if we do fight back, we end up with a war with MS which we obviously don't want or we end up with a war with The Fallen which is a dead clan. So your cp can jump into THE FALLEN and run around killing Ashura peeps who are xping. Going after a pve clan running pve skills... What does that get you? You know all about this as when we were all in THE FALLEN you avoided wars with dead clans as well as wars with MS/Nova. On another note when we merged Ashura had
  3. Anyway, I'm not really interested in arguing with you. It's obvious we disagree and that's fine Later.
  4. That's your opinion and you are entitled to think what you want, but none of this takes away from his actions. Besides it not me I am more bothered by him going after all the lowbies in our PVE clan. Him pulling lowbies from GC captive 4 to lower GC. It's not about him wanting the room, it is obvious to what he is trying to accomplish.
  5. and it's not the fact that he finds people, he finds them within 5 min of them using their my teleport to locations.
  6. Sorry Weiner but it appears that you guys are the ones crying in this case. I am simply trying to share my thoughts so people understand the whole story and not the little bits and pieces that you guys have posted.
  7. To keep it simple he was targeting a specific group of people, in this case Ashura and mis-using his skills for the sole purpose of disrupting game play. His intentions were to make people quit the game as other members of his cp have stated in chat. Now if this was done for a few days and then dropped or was a one time occurance - that is ok. But when you target a specific group and repeatedly do it for months day in and day out it becomes a case of harassment. When you add the fact that he was obviously using zoom hack to locate people it compounds the situation even further. To be clea
  8. There's always 2 sides to every story, actually 3. The third being the truth. Fact is lilD1nk crossed a line and it was recognized by the GM's. I've been over this drama for months now but some ppl can't seem to let it go.
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