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  1. How long cubic use in TK SK and another class thx you
  2. WTS +6 Dark Elven Bow p.atk 177

    sorry it sold out at 2.6kk
  3. WTS +6 Dark Elven Bow p.atk 177

    WTS +6 Dark Elven Bow p.atk 177 lower than Reinforced Longbow 2 (177/179) use 1 ssd lower than Light Crossbow (low cost to farm 3 time) aspd : (Slow) faster than Reinforced Longbow (very Slow) soulshots damage +1.80% Pros.Low cost for farm 1 ssd+1arrow 9adena+3adena=12adena per shot offer me if you want it, pm me in game name : "Ralph" P.s Damage higher than Reinforced Longbow but lower than Light Crossbow a little bit
  4. Bow : Slow vs Slowly

    thank you for answer me in your opinion you will choose slow or very slow ?
  5. Bow : Slow vs Slowly

    i'm hesitate to use a bow between Riensforced Longbow (very slow) and Light Crossbow (Slow) please tell me for the difference of bow now i use Riensforced Longbow and i'm deciding to change it or not
  6. i buy launch pack and use it for first character but now i don't want to play this character i need to play new character but item in launch pack can't transfer to another characters in my account i need to buy launch pack again for new character but it can purchase one per account i'm so cry
  7. Classic Launch Packs FAQ AGAIN!

    oh!! i send it last hour i need to play new charactor and transfer item from Pack (old charactor to new charactor)