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  1. You are one of the few old timers around here who is still shilling for NC west.
  2. The point is,lady,that nobody is stopping people from engaging in role playing activities. By reworking the PK system in such horrendous way,NC Soft basically stopped the vast majority of active players from enjoying one of the unique aspects of Lineage 2s' PvP. Now,if someone really wants to PK people for sport,the current PK system cant really stop him from doing so.Such a person would need just a few things to make your life miserable.I know because i still have my perma red on the Live server. In my opinion,the change to the PK system has shifted the PvP in L2 to the boring
  3. Why so many disappointed people? DONT YOU GUYS HAVE MONEY!?
  4. They are not going to increase adena rates because of bots/rmt.Basically,NC West makes you spend more real currency on shots.Truly the best classic Lineage 2 experience
  5. The vip is server based and you do not wait on queue.
  6. Goodbye,north-american scammers and good luck in your life
  7. Honestly,are you people surprised?Have you ever played here before?It was clear as day that the NA classic would be pay-to-win.Americans actually like to spend tons of money in computer games just so they can be better at something,lol. NC west already milked a lot of players and they know that pay-to-win works best for them!Don't waste your breath,you are not going to change anything!
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