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  1. you will get effect from XP lll 200%, Because 50% rune from attendance it same type of Rune XP lll
  2. *Dyes lv4 Legendary +Str/+Cha (+5str/+4Cha), lv5 Ancient +Dex (+10Dex) *+9 Lucien's Bracelet (+9% p.atk and 6slots) /Talisman Longing, Talisman 7Sings, Talisman Abundance lv4, Venir's Talisman stage14, Talisman Faction, +10% P.Skill Critical Dmg Talisman)
  3. Hi my dual class Yul Archer (Ghost Sentinel) lv105 Main skill Abilities 21 point Berserker's Might lv4, Elemental Attack lv2,Craft Focus lv3, Craft Death lv3, Cost lv1, Eagle lv1, Mortal lv2, Skill Reduction lv1, Battle lv2, Fire lv2 Subclass Certification Attack lv1, Defender lv1, Condition lv1 Dual Certification Berserker's Rage lv1, Recovery lv1, Death lv1 +10 Bloody leather armor Enchant type Hair Accessory +3Dex/+5 Accuracy +6 Blessed Valakus' Necklace (Augmented +101 p.def) +5 Blessed Antharus' Earing (Augmented +71 m.def) +3 Orfen' Soul Earing (Augmented +50 p.def) +0 Olym Warrior's Ring (+15% P.Skill Critical dmg) +5 Fallen Angel Ring (+10% P.Skill Critical dmg) +9 Lucien's Bracelet (+9% p.atk and 6slots) /Talisman Longing, Talisman 7Sings, Talisman Abundance lv4, Venir's Talisman stage14, Kingdom's Royal Guard stage8, +5str Talisman Radiant Brooch 5slots/ Ruby lv3, Diamond lv3, Emerald lv3, Opal lv3, Red 's cat lv2 +10 Elmore clock (Augmented +7.5 p.skill critical damage) Dyes lv4 Legendary +Str/+Cha (+15str/+4Cha), lv5 Ancient +Dex (+10Dex) Artifact Book lv1/ Attack Attribute +30, Defense Attribute +30) Seed Bracelet/ +3 Paulina' Guard Agathion Charm +445 p.def) +12 Bloody Amaranthine Thrower 1st(Leona stage8 speed/fire +8% Atk speed/+7% P.Skill Critical dmg)/ 2nd(Kain stage5 fire +10% P.Skill Critical dmg) (Augmented +15% P.Skill Critical dmg) +5 Chef's Monkey Belt +8 Shiny Elemental Shirt Forgotten Power - Physical Attack lv5 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8qf0pDa6Eo Ps. feel free comment I would like share my knowledge play Yul
  4. Retributer or Tauti 2h blunt

    Please read on last patch note Lineage II: Salvation – Etina’s Fate Patch Notes Changed the category names of some weapons. The skill requirements and skill effects remain unchanged <------ they change just type of weapon but effect or skill still same Watched on my video after update last patch note Etina’s Fate Patch Notes Lineage 2 Atelia Fortress (Solo) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sxxaINkym54 So if you want PVE dmg Bloody Retributer (+15%PVE DMG) better than Tauti 2H blunt or Enhanced Shadow Retributer
  5. Drop rate rune + prestige rune

    Yes, it's right. I used prestige drop rate 100% + drop rate 200% = 300% drop rate you can check by yourself by open skill windows = Alt+K it will show you at passive skill windows
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDQPPl74610 My equipment +10 Bloody Leather armor (Enchant Type) Weapon Elysium Stormer (Event red libra) +9 Lucien's Bracelet (+9%atk) +5 Chef Monkey's Belt +10 Elmore clock +5 B.Antharas earing +6 B.Valakas necklace +5 Tauti's ring +5 Earth Wyrm Heart ring +3 Orfen Soul earing +8 Shiny Elemental Shirt +3 Angel Circlet (+3str/+5p.atk) Brooch 5 slots (ruby3, Diamond3, Emerald3, Opal3, Red Cat2)
  7. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, September 5, 2018

    Nerva Orc Merchant now random drop Adena it does not fix drop 5m. I got it maximan around 16m with Prestige pack *300% drop Adena.
  8. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, August 8, 2018

    https://eu.4gameforum.com/threads/658447/ patch note Orfen in server eu
  9. Look for advice how to make my damage higher

    go to take buff critical dmg 50%(5min) at GOG For me I think your gear it's ok and recommended new Agathion Taurus buff(BR) PS. I hope you will found answer on this Video