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  1. It was rather surprising that this issue is still happening at 8AM(ish) EST. Still can't get in to apply my pack I bought 2 days ago. Tried all day yesterday. I'll give it 24 hours then I'm done. Hope you can patch ASAP.
  2. You can use any of the servers you like. If I hadn't used a pack on TI I'd go to Aden now.
  3. Cannot log in

    Yes Silver. Pretty much everyone save for when you have VIP status. Ongoing issue for a couple of days now
  4. Quest - New Potion Development

    Yes I just saw the post by Hime for the replacement of the spiritshots. One bright spot at least. TY.
  5. Subscription question

    VIP Status. No Queue
  6. Quest - New Potion Development

    Did the quest 2xs. Both times selected (carefully selected) SpiritShots. Both times received SoulShots. Sigh. 2K much needed SS.
  7. VIP problem

    Not as far as I know. I am in the same boat with 1 account. Was in the same boat with my main account but was able to log in this AM early and apply the pack = VIP3
  8. What kind of purchase do you make for VIP w/o being in game? AFAIK the only thing you can buy is a pack and you have to apply them in game to get the VIP status
  9. Delay in NCoin delivery?

    To answer my own question the coin came through after about 2 hours. Yesterday there was a delay when server was at cap and this AM there was NO delay when server was heavy but not capped. So server cap affects NCoins delivery? Seems like it would be different databases/transactions but who knows.
  10. Delay in NCoin delivery?

    Yesterday I purchased enough coin to get one of the packs and earlier today was able to log in and apply. I decided to make a second account (buffer) but after purchasing coin on the 2nd account, a message that pops up is something about a 12 hour delay? Anyone have any info?