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  1. here is an idea

    This assumes that the programmers, admins, any one at NC Soft ever logs in and/or plays the game. There is plenty of evidence to suggest they do not. I am not trying to insult or start something, but it seems to me there is no involvement between the admins/ dev team and the actual game we play. The rules say no RMT, yet here is blatant (and annoying) advertising for it.
  2. ISS Enchanter PVE Boost

    This!! Well said , there was a time I could solo if I chose to. It might not have been as fast, but it was not a waste of time.
  3. +1 I have wondered this my self.
  4. A new system to crystallize/upgrade boss jewelry into Rare God Accessories will be added. Crystalize is the important word here.
  5. Chronos Castle seige

    I know some are discussing the tactics to get to the top. That is not the point of my post. PVP is an important and big part of the game, why so many try so hard to avoid it I do not understand, but that is a different discussion. At the time when NoVA was big dog there was much more activity AND there was an emerging MS. So there was competition, while NOVA would sometimes stick their nose into any pvp, during sieges they did not attempt to control all. Maybe then it was not as easy an option as now. MS did what was needed to rise to the top and they did. So how and/or should MS bring competition back? Have we already reached critical mass? My suggestion is start by opening a few castles, will it bring some back to siege? I don't think it could hurt. Does MS want a challenge to ADEN? MS said you help us or your are an enemy (that seemed to go toward those that ignored them as well) if someone came to Aden would their clan suddenly be zerged at every turn? I don't have an answer but a suggestion to start with making sieges, if not fun, at least playable.
  6. Chronos Castle seige

    I have a question for MS ally. The latest siege, it is apparent MS has complete control of most of the castles in Chronos, if not all. I don't think any one can deny the MS supremacy on Chronos. My question is now that you control the castle siege, is that what you wanted? Is the castle siege aspect of Lineage 2 more fun for you with no activity? The last several sieges, activity steadily decreased, APEX no long participates, from what I have seen P1rataes only has a few small parties, Crows seem to have lost interest in sieging, I saw some Los Banditos. Is it MS's goal to make castle sieges a non activity in Lineage 2? Is there some aspect of the game about controlling castles, other than bragging rights, I do not understand? I am not here to QQ, or whine about the pvp aspect of the game, or complain about visa warriors etc etc. I only want to know IF there is some advantage or motivation for MS to suppress activity in castle sieges? It is working, but is it fun? is it worth it? Would castle sieges be more fun with more and more people participating?