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  1. Resists and melodies last for 20 minutes by default. Sonatas last 5 minutes and drums last 3 minutes.
  2. So did they add adena in the l2store?
  3. I'd like to see the proof for those claims.
  4. Which is exactly what I said earlier.
  5. You'd need 110 toons leveled up and doing daily quests if you were to get 4 powders per toon. Unless all you do is play, it wouldn't just take months, it would probably take over a year of doing just this.
  6. Not without botting you wouldn't.
  7. I get the bot abuse part, but please do define player abuse. And since brooch jewels lv3+ are essential items, in fact they are minimum requirements to anyone wanting to do anything half-decently past lv100, what are you going to do to make them obtainable at all times, instead of having people begging for yet another promotion? In my opinion, at this point, lv3 jewels should be obtainable in-game.
  8. suggestion for PK

    No hassle there, a summoner box and/or belief of the exalted has that covered. That is, if you can reclaim the spot in the first place.
  9. suggestion for PK

    There's no dropping penalty since the latest update was implemented. Since PKing is part of the game, why should people get banned over it? And why should someone be banned from an area for say, clearing a spot for themselves? With no boxing limit 5 toon macro parties are very common these days.

    Because you don't need m.def for pve.
  11. Improving Eternal Armor with Elcyum

    First off, that's not what it says. You need a blessed set to have a 100% chance of making it bloody or dark. What L2Wiki says is that Elcyum can be traded in to reduce the amount of required items and give you a better success rate if the armor part you're trading in isn't blessed. As to whether there's such an option in the NA servers, that I don't know. Anyway, L2Wiki is based off of the European servers so also keep that in mind.
  12. About jewels upgrades

    NCWest hasn't provided the rates, because they are not obliged to by US law. You can look up the Korean version's rates because they are obliged by the law to provide such information over there. As to our game version, the best you can do is look in older posts where people shared their results or posted videos of combining and draw your own conclusions. Frankly, it's less than 3b to just buy one these days. I've seen plenty of ruby 3 boxes being sold for peanuts in Chronos.
  13. B. Apo Retri vs E. Shadow Retri

    For casual PVE excluding instances, how much of a difference do you think I'd see between an enhanced shadow retributer and a +12 PVE bow with yul augment and SAs? I know I can basically kiss the marks goodbye as well as the extra attack attribute, but when it comes to the summons themselves, would it be that bad?
  14. Tyrr Maestro is asking about dualclass.

    Both classes are awful these days even if you dump a truckload of real money on them. You'll see those either used as a crafter shop or as the means to an end when it comes to oe'ing. Besides that, if you really enjoy playing them, then by all means go right ahead, however, don't expect to join many parties on higher levels especially if you are a casual player and not planning on becoming a big spender. And to answer the question you're probably thinking as you're reading this, no, you can't really make a lot of adena by playing main fortune seeker.
  15. Atrocious "support"

    I DM'ed Juji about it a while ago. If anything is going to be done about it, I doubt it's going to be anytime soon and since I haven't come across the issue much for the past couple of weeks I don't care about it as much either. I also remember Neutron mentioning somewhere they could no longer access tickets because of the GDPR. Only time will tell. Edit: With this post I intended to emphasize on the absolute lack of knowledge of basic game features/mechanics and perhaps English comprehension on the support team's part and not as much on the bug itself. Then again, I could be talking to a bot giving me canned replies all along and bots don't tend to have particularly good English comprehension as of yet.