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  1. And we will continue to do so even if they limit us to 1 box per pc. No way in hell I'm doing dim100 on my alts 1 alt at a time. Obvious aggression aside, the queue is temporary and most likely it will once again become a thing of the past with this maintenance.
  2. Then people are gonna complain that scripted wynns show up in FI to buff up.
  3. Thank you for taking the time to let us know. I'm having the exact same issue with disconnections. It's not a problem on your end. Best thing to do is wait it out.
  4. So, anyone else having random lag spikes followed by disconnection, one box at a time?
  5. I dc, I log back in, then some boxes dc, I wait in queue and get back in after about 20 minutes, then my main dced, waited 40-50 minutes to log back, then by the time i cleared a spot the box I was powerleveling dced, so I started shinedust quest instead, then my healer and tank dced and I sure as hell am not waiting over an hour at this point to get them back in only to get them to randomly dc again. That compensation you speak of better be more than buffs in FI for whoever happened to be around.
  6. I provided some arguments, you just call me a redneck. That's a nice assumption you're making while accusing me of doing exactly that. This argument however is worthless, so if you need to have the last word go right ahead. I'm done arguing with you.
  7. I'm not missing the point because there isn't one. You just keep trying to insult me with out of place examples of things you consider cool, it's amusing.
  8. I don't think it's the right thing to do, not to the extend some are demanding. Perhaps 7 would be appropriate. As for your example, it's weird and completely unrelated to the topic at hand, but to put your mind at rest I'll tell you this I don't know what either of those singers sound like, nor do I listen to those music genres, let alone singing their songs.
  9. Begging for 3 clients is pathetic and shows people are out of touch with reality. I've said it a bunch of times all over the threads, client limitations only stop completely or -I guess- willingly clueless folks. Bot farmers will bypass it, hardcore macro farmers will bypass it and those of us who can't or won't be arsed with bypassing it will have to turn on a 2nd computer and take just as many spots regardless. Going back to 3 boxes after having limitless and then up to 7, is a ridiculously pathetic downgrade. 40 minutes here, 19 spots to go.
  10. Known Issue: Server Latency

    Have fun doing 8k hb, then 10k gc/ev, then 10k gc/refinery and lv6 factions, then more factions, then more 10k here and there and while you're at it, god forbid they change anything and you need to reroll. Then do it ALL over. NA servers are here to cater to westerners and the macros are here exactly for that. If you think people are going to stick around with disabled macros, think again. If you like to live in the past, classic is as good as it'll get for you. Long live the macros and the auto hunting system!
  11. Login L2...a time/delay experience

    Not true in all cases. Some of my boxes dced at random, none have stayed online so far.
  12. I'm not even gonna bother arguing against the silly suggestions to limit boxing to 3 per pc again or "pay to skip queue" or "durr real player out/bot in". It's blatantly obvious someone messed with the server's player capacity yesterday and that's semi-okay if it's temporary, but what is worrisome is the fact @Juji & @Hime have been extremely silent compared to the past few days. Would you be so kind as to let us know what is going on? Should we expect this mess to continue in the same fashion of the wandering knight's way? Will you do any reasonable changes to alleviate both latency and our newly acquired queueing problem in a timely manner?
  13. Login L2...a time/delay experience

    I've started getting random dcs since the maintenance yesterday. Wonder if this has anything to do with freeing up spots and keeping the queue moving.
  14. A few questions

    1) Yes, very low chances and not any of the worthwhile stuff. R99 is probably the most you can hope for and you'll probably never come across it, especially if you refuse to macro. 2) Dunno. I've seen shouts about Unity recruiting lv100+ toons of any class. 3) As you said, it is improbable.
  15. Circlet Upgrade

    @SafeStash We only have lv2 brooch jewels now because those cannot be turned into gemstone powder. Apparently there's more money to be made by selling boxes for compounding rather than for getting jewel grinders.