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  1. Yet again another DC

    I'm getting kinda fed up with logging in multiple times in the span of less than an hour, wasting runes and consumables and having to look for a new spot because the previous one was taken while I was logging back in. At least it's a mass dc so finding an empty spot was easy enough. Yay!
  2. Idk about you, but I tend to sleep a few hours a day and since my clan tag is enough to make specific people from certain clans go out of their way to pk me out of spite having to log back in can get tedious real fast. And although it's common practice these days, I would find it ridiculous to drop from a pve clan into an alt clan just to be left alone.
  3. Congratulations to the winners and y'all better take care of your newly acquired elpies. https://www.lineage2.com/news/16th-anniversary-screenshot-contest-winners
  4. Honestly that just sounds like extra incentive to grief people through PKs.
  5. You say the developer is aware of the issue. Is this going to be fixed and when? I refuse to pay out of pocket for vitality items so I can make use of the other things I've already paid for and which are now going to waste due to your mistakes.
  6. PK for Spot

    You do realize this forum has been around for a couple of years or so and the old one is gone along with everything that was there, right?

    Every business cares about making money, that's why it's a business and not a charity. Lots can be said about how they chose to monetize their game, but it should be pretty obvious to everyone that a corporation wants to make money from the products or services they provide. Duh!
  8. QUEUE

    That's not what he said though
  9. It seems to me like you love making assumptions about strangers. I'm pretty sure it's against the code of conduct so I won't mention that saying about assuming and what it makes out of you and me.
  10. I don't know and it's none of my business how much ncwest or zendesk employees are paid. I know that if one isn't happy with their job no one is forcing them to stay instead of finding another one. By the way, show me one instance of me mistreating or abusing an employee. Oh, right, there's isn't one, because I don't and never have I done such a thing. And lastly, yes I pay because I want to and as a paying user I expect certain things like items I bought straight from the l2store to not be deleted because the developers discover some issue in future updates.
  11. This is not some private java knockoff server and we are paying customers. Maybe you aren't and maybe that's why you're content with this latency mess we're experiencing for close to a year now. Many of the complaints on these forums are valid and I'm sure it'll shock you to know that those employed to deal with the community are paid to do so.
  12. Are you people being serious? Give it a few more months and it will have been a year of lags and "temporary" restrictions and queues coupled with connectivity issues. What better way to spend one's afternoon than to wait in queue to log in, only for an iss to disconnect a little while later and land right back in the queue again. This situation is becoming more and more absurd.
  13. Not to mention that support alts directly or indirectly generate some income for NCWest. People keep focusing of what f2p users do. Realistically f2p users don't do much of anything in the long run. They'll log alts and try to farm the atlas earring, then get sick of it and either start paying or most likely move on. As for rmt adena farmers, boxing limits never worked and never will.
  14. Can you open a new live server

    I second this. We've seen how that scenario played out in Zaken a few years ago.
  15. Clan leaders and clans themselves benefit from what you seem to call bots same as the average player if not more. As far as I'm concerned should ncwest further limit the number of boxes allowed, I would much seriously consider migrating my mmo activities either to another region or another game altogether. And while I am by no means a heavy spender, I am still a paying customer and have been for years, so that would be minus one more for them.