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  1. This is a completely unrelated to classic comment about the live servers. This comment serves as a protest. On a more serious note, it's been nearly a month now and some people insist on posting classic related stuff on the wrong forum section. Good grief! When is this gonna end?
  2. Probably because this is the live server forums.
  3. Submit a support ticket. They'll probably tell you they've investigated and "have taken the necessary action" which last time I reported someone for racism was probably nothing at all since he was still at it in world shout the next evening.
  4. "Rep." stat questions

    Not sure what it is, but there is a level difference limit.
  5. chronicle pack and vip help

    Go to the appropriate forum for starters https://forums.lineage2.com/forum/34-classic/
  6. Official Site

    I don't know about Digitalmonk, but for me it was helpful for comparison and for sort of keeping track of what was available and when it was available. I guess I'll be archiving everything from now on.
  7. Bots Bots Everywhere!

    Oh but PK won't do the trick since the spawn spot is not that far away to actually make a difference. They'll just teleport back in a matter of minutes. I've been to forsaken plains about a couple of weeks ago and it was horrible, then I saw the mess it has devolved to a couple of days ago and it was even worse.
  8. Security vulnerability in XIGNCODE3

    Yeah, lets remove all the remaining profitable things so NOTHING can be farmed anymore. Farming anything at all in NCWest usually involves leveling up a trillion toons, be it for the mentee marks or oly farm or whatever else. That is certainly not the kind of pve people have in mind when they think of L2, but that's what we have. They nerfed the drops to the point of making spoilers a thing of the past and now you're pretty much asking them to remove the rest. And why they did that? Because that was their idea of an anti-bot at the time. Fun fact for you: if a bot works, then anything can and will be farmed. If you removed every item drop and every quest reward you'd just see bots everywhere grinding 200 adena at a time in lowbie zones.
  9. Changing the Force System.

    Well, in another post he was saying that wynn classes are too op in pvp, so there's that...
  10. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, August 22, 2018

    Thanks for the oe spam. It was fun for about 5 minutes. An option to turn it off would be most welcome.
  11. Salvation: Etina’s Fate Coming August 22

    @Conguero Personally, I don't care who's to blame for those delays and I don't care to point fingers to you or whoever else might be involved in this. The fact remains that for yet another time we are mere hours away from an update and there's only speculation from outside sources. We players need to know about the changes and plan ahead and we only have rumors to work with. At this point, even if you released the patch notes it might already be too late to do anything about it. My apologies for the aggressive tone, I've been holding back for some time now and this situation has been increasingly frustrating.
  12. Question, Newbi, but old player

    There might be some in the auction house. Or you can buy some low grade stuff and crystallize it yourself.
  13. BAN for using CTRL button?

    No idea where you're going with this and I'm done arguing for today. I'll stick to my PVE and ignore the rest as usual.
  14. BAN for using CTRL button?

    I don't see how this comparison is relevant; it was a completely different game before GoD. Also, unlike me, I doubt many people choose PVE over PvP. It's just that most people can't or won't pay for what it takes to be geared enough for PvP. If there was a PVE only server, I'd go there in an instant, but well...
  15. BAN for using CTRL button?

    Lets not talk about pros and cons associated with clans, especially wars. Those became a joke the moment penalty for leaving was reduced to 10 minutes. And to be perfectly honest with you the first time I've heard of that video you mention was over here in this thread. I haven't watched it nor took a part in making it and until quite recently I wasn't even aware of its existence. If you still want to blame me on things I've taken no part in, then so be it. It still doesn't justify your actions in my opinion. Either way, I doubt this conversation will change anything. I just wanted to express my point of view on this matter. Have a nice day.