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  1. Server time is GMT -2 for Chronos. That's not subject to change with daylight savings. Listed times for server-wide events like olympiad or sieges are therefore in GMT -2. Local time is your local time. /time gives you the time of the day in-game. It is not real world time. This is the time displayed on the bottom left side of the map.
  2. Level penalties!

    Way to present things in a one-sided manner. Since we're at it here's the other side: several low gear/level players set up full parties and "pvp" with mobs in higher areas taking up spots from people who could solo there and unlike the people farming coins in a time limited event, those folks don't even have a benefit being there in the first place.
  3. First time I actually get recharge stones and this happens. I'll consider it a divine intervention to remind me never to spend on l2store stuff again.
  4. I should hope you refund my now wasted recharge stones. Ticket #23624223.
  5. chronos attack lag

    Your bait is bad and you should feel bad.
  6. New Acct Creation

    The display name field could be the issue. Tell them to try entering something else as their display name.
  7. New content is taking the same instances/areas from 10+ years ago, making the mobs/boss harder to kill, lowering or completely removing drops and changing the npc you enter from. Any relatively new content will be intended for the level range no one in the servers has reached yet.
  8. L2 Store and event prices

    Prestige is a rip off. 15 bucks a month for 2 runes and if you want the drop rune to work your party members better whip out their cc and pay up.
  9. Ok so make pk alts Ok so pk alts with other alts in fortress/castle to get swords Ok so line the pockets of certain rich players and adena farmers who have in the past and will in the future use well known exploits to make anyone and everyone outside of town drop. I occasionally see some of them still playing and boy do their toons shine. Must've been a good way of gearing up fast. If you're under the illusion nc will step in, restore items and save the day check posts from a couple or so years ago. Why do you think there was so much push back when juji wanted to bring the pk drop back a couple of months ago?
  10. I don't know nor do I care why you're so worked up about what I posted. Also, since you clearly haven't seen my support ticket which would have answered the questions you directed at me why don't you go right ahead and pester some other unsuspecting fellow?
  11. You might want to let support in on the secret because when I asked a few months ago they could/would not give me a definitive answer like the one you gave us here.
  12. Hunting zones have been a sore subject since before the update. I'm sure the dragon weapons are making this worse by bringing people with exalted gear in higher zones but still, even before those there wasn't enough space. Bonus points for making the mobs harder to kill. That's what everybody wanted, right? /s
  13. So are we getting the update on August 19? Also regarding that dualclass certification about the adena boost. How is it going to work? Do all party members need to have it like with drop/prestige runes in order for it to work?
  14. Maybe they put their hand deeper in their pocket than you do, which -fun fact- is the most important detail no matter what class you're playing. Either way, knowing what I know now I can say with certainty I should've gone for eviscerator instead of yul back then. Yuls are very nice if certain conditions are met but they are not cheap to build or maintain and if those aforementioned conditions are not met then it's just an awful struggle.