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  1. Expand MACRO to 14 lines

    You should see a doctor.
  2. Games with a trillion different classes tend to not fare very well over time. These days it seems hard enough to find an iss for a k90 within a reasonable amount of time, let alone needing 2 different buffers to get barely enough buffs. The game has changed over time, if you want to reminisce the past, you may as well try out classic.
  3. Expand MACRO to 14 lines

    Reading comprehension below zero? Edit: I'm not your buddy.
  4. What do magic crit rate and damage apply to?

    Physical critical rate is different to physical skill critical rate. One would assume that magic critical rate works in the same manner physical skill critical rate works.
  5. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 16, 2018

    We're talking about things that can only be obtained through the l2store. We're talking about new and important items that keep getting introduced month after month. They are overpriced, they cater only to top geared people and in the meantime options to gear up decently enough just for pve -let alone pvp- are getting more and more scarce.
  6. S Equipment, help!

    That would still set you back a few million which would be a lot for someone just starting. It would be cheaper to buy 1 ncoin from someone and get the paulina s grade pack. However, if you hadn't completed your 3rd class change you'd get a pack for free. If you cannot afford either and you don't want to buy some ncoin then you'd be better off starting a new toon quite honestly. Also, keep in mind that up to s grade, the paulina packs contain permanent items and you can get them for free (with the exception of b grade items) by completing the class change quests.
  7. It hasn't been available so far. If memory serves Hime had mentioned somewhere in these forums that this would probably be fixed the next time around.
  8. From the user agreement:
  9. Forget my pin and blocked my account

    The site's information seems to be outdated. You should submit a ticket here: https://support.lineage2.com/hc/en-us
  10. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 16, 2018

    There are wealthy Greeks. The state of the Greek economy might be horrid but that doesn't mean everyone in Greece is impoverished.
  11. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 16, 2018

    You need help. This obsession is not healthy.
  12. Hero coin rewards update

    http://www.lineage2.com//en/news/announcements/hero-coin-reward-list-update-may-2018.php Edit: "rarely claimed" lol
  13. Chronos Siege - Winter is Coming?

    The answer would be both based purely on shouts. 1) Last 2 weeks it was MS, before that Nova. 2) Never happened to me from either clan. 3) Get real, everyone does it. 4) I don't know nor I care. Their clan, their ways, their problems.
  14. Video Screen and Ruby/Gem?

    You get a diamond, pearl and emerald lv1 from getting the adventurer's faction to level 4 and one more from the supply box on level 6. I got a couple of rubies on some fighter toons I was leveling. I suppose mage classes get a different jewel. The only other way you can get jewels directly is from the L2Store during brooch jewel promos like the one we're getting this Wednesday.
  15. Suggestions

    There's an option for the hair accessory in you inventory