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  1. Drop adena after Prestige Pack upgrade

    I was typing a complaint, but went ahead and deleted it because it won't make a difference whether I voice my opinions and objections or not. Thanks for the "upgraded" prestige pack & the flash sale.
  2. Increase clan level

    Basically you need a load of clan reputation.
  3. I can't even find the energy to protest. Just gonna sit here and wait till this poop backfires.
  4. They did. You got exactly what you agreed to pay for and they even replaced your drop rune with a better one which they didn't have to do. The new items are not freebies, but they would be if they started giving them away for every subscription that happened in the past. In the end of the day, it is indeed unlucky timing.
  5. Did you buy the pack today? If not, you'll get them on the next renewal obviously.
  6. Stucked in the Sanctum of The Dawn

    Try /unstuck. Here's a link to contact the support team: https://support.lineage2.com/hc/en-us
  7. Can't buy subscription

    Send them a support ticket. They'll change some settings in your account and you'll be able to buy it.
  8. Returning player (3 year ago)

    No one will want you before your tank is 101+. You'd be better off getting a duaclass to a high enough level and then switching it during a red libra to whatever tank you want. That would also give you time to get accustomed to how things are these days.
  9. PSA on Automated Macros and PvP

    @Physics I don't mind my iss refreshing my dances without having to switch to it every 5 minutes. It's handy for such stuff but they obviously don't want it to turn into a safe botting method.
  10. Options>Shortcut - settings don't save

    I'm sure that's what he meant...
  11. And the next p2w event is ? 3.14.2018

    Or we might get a fishing promo or something until people get over the circlet chaos.
  12. Yes I do read and that only works provided that you don't have many PKs; otherwise even 1 more can make you drop. After that you know the drill: log in forum, cry, cry some more, call people scammers and blame bad NCWest. These looped macros are by far the best and worst thing that's happened to this game in a long long time.
  13. PSA on Automated Macros and PvP

    Excuse me but I don't think providing safe botting tools helps with the entertainment value of this or any game. It's also unrealistic that ncwest will go through logs every time someone ignores their warnings and macros while afk, dropping items and all. Personally, I'm disappointed more and more every day. Being an active player, that spends a reasonable amount of money per month is merely less and less rewarding with every update. In the meantime steps are taken to protect macroers and p2w thrives. Where's the entertainment in killing afk toons on a macro?
  14. How are you going to get them flagged if you can't make them target you?