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  1. So are we getting the update on August 19? Also regarding that dualclass certification about the adena boost. How is it going to work? Do all party members need to have it like with drop/prestige runes in order for it to work?
  2. Maybe they put their hand deeper in their pocket than you do, which -fun fact- is the most important detail no matter what class you're playing. Either way, knowing what I know now I can say with certainty I should've gone for eviscerator instead of yul back then. Yuls are very nice if certain conditions are met but they are not cheap to build or maintain and if those aforementioned conditions are not met then it's just an awful struggle.
  3. Except it doesn't quite work that way. If you can 2 hit mobs in tanor, you most likely can also aoe there. Tanor aside, have a look at the price tag on items boosting pskill critical rate and power. They are not affordable to most people. In my personal experience, I've spent billions upon billions on my yul over the years and I have nothing to show for it. Don't take this personally, but I can't help but wonder whether all those of you complaining about yuls have ever seriously tried building one.
  4. If yul is so op and all, can I get a ticket to switch mine to evis? Because as long as I have been playing it, it is the class constantly receiving nerfs while other classes get boosts. Sure, an end game gear yul is op, what about all other yuls? If you want a yul for more than mentee coins then it's a (very expensive) struggle. Now compare that to an evis: an 105 exalted gear evis is op in PVE and an end game gear evis is op in everything.
  5. Little Pig Little Pig LET ME IN!

    Disconnections (usually 1 out of my 3 boxes) and nasty lags. I just came back to all 3 boxes disconnected, logged in again and not 5 minutes later the iss dced. This is a disgrace.
  6. Judging from OP's other posts I think he meant to post this in Classic's forums. It takes 24 hours to delete a toon in the live servers.
  7. Help me understand this game

    I kinda agree with degus still. If you constantly have end-game gear class doesn't matter all that much because you're mostly competing with toons that don't have half your gear. When comparing equally end game geared toons then sure, class matters and so do scripts although people won't talk about those for obvious reasons.
  8. Help me understand this game

    Uhh yes, because it is a tank, not a dd.
  9. Best Region

    You can only select North America to play L2 on NCWest servers. I think the other options are for other titles. @Zvr was talking about the European official servers where the publishing rights belong to Innova rather than NCWest.
  10. Another bout of random disconnections began for me yesterday. After the 4th or 5th time of logging in 1-3 boxes I gave up and figured the issue will resolve itself or rather move on to annoy some other unsuspecting player as seems to be common. I just got another dc while checking the auction house thus confirming that the issue has not yet decided to bother someone else. I know support likes to blame things on anyone's end but theirs so I won't even bother with them. Anyway, red libra?
  11. Don't take this as an attack, but yes, you probably should've skipped saying it. You've said this on quite a few posts regarding the same topic over the years and I would think people know by now that you don't have an issue with disconnections. I on the other hand have never had an issue getting food. Does that mean no one ever has starved throughout history?
  12. Weapon change

    Not unless you trade it with someone else.
  13. I didn't buy a single ncoin either, but I did buy plenty of boxes from others who did. I now have my lv3 book's set bonus covered as well as a couple of nice artifacts and hopefully with the extra week I'll get myself another +4 artifact at the very least. I am by no means a heavy spender and I have lower end average gear, with that being said, it is my opinion that making adena ingame has never been easier for as long as I have been playing and I'm more than happy to spend that adena on reasonably priced l2store items. That's why I spent a few billions here and there on artifacts and night market stuff and exactly 0 adena on the shilen soul crystals. I might even reconsider participating in cloak sales if an end is put to the ridiculousness that has been on the rise for a while now.
  14. It was an exploit in the first place. Scarce complaints and oversight by moderators and/or developers do not entitle people to a free pass on exploits. Would you rather have them put aden siege on hold until they fix the known exploit? You know, like cursed swords and latency issues have been swiftly taken care of /s. When lots of paying customers are involved it's natural for a business to look the other way, until the lack of rule enforcement is so blatant that they are forced to take action. Do you see Juji or Hime responding to any of these posts? No? Probably because they couldn't give less of a rat's backside about the whole deal and they would much rather "keep the peace" and not have this complaint excrement-fest in the first place. I don't blame them. Their hand was forced when a bunch of people thought it was okay to use an ages old exploit out in the open and for everyone to see and record.
  15. When I came back to the game a few years back I was in a small clan which posed absolutely no threat to anyone really and even then there was that constant ms declaration because apparently a clan with lowbie toons has to be nova alts/pets. This is by no means a new thing. They just want to expand their crap to all clans.
  16. Bad Faith !

    Maybe then, but now we have auto-hunting and most importantly auto-consumables. It is made for afk hunting.
  17. Yes, but your alternatives can result in other ways of abuse which is exactly what I am pointing out. And promises or good intentions of any clan or its leader doesn't provide any assurance about the whims of all other clans and their respective leaders. In other words you and your members might promise not to abuse a system were wars can be declared on any clan regardless of the number of members, but any and all other leaders in the server might declare on every clan they come across.
  18. So if someone in a clan that has declared war to mine decides to set up his macro on top of mine I have the wonderful choices of a) start a war in a pve clan, b) drop tag to pk, c) find another spot. As for consequences for participating in siege, lots of people stopped participating in that altogether due to the inevitable later grieving, not to mention a 14 member clan that can actually pose a threat to a bigger clan will have no problem dropping wars within minutes.
  19. As others have described the war system can be abused both ways. If both clans had to accept war and there was a considerably longer penalty for leaving clan there wouldn't be much room for abuse. However, I'm absolutely certain that doesn't suit the needs of griefers and they'd fight tooth and nail to not have such a system be put in use. When you omit half the truth to get a solution to a very real issue, but tailored to your desires, you may as well cut the bs and say what you had in mind in the first place.
  20. The way I see things, the ones asking for this are for the most part either pk exploiters or f2p users with barely anything to lose. Lots of people wanted pk penalties because of the pk fest perpetrated by bored or just plain nasty gear hoarders but I'm very doubtful that this is what they had in mind. In my experience the current pk penalties have curbed the pk sprees significantly without eliminating pking as an option.
  21. There's another topic buried somewhere around here where people discuss how the war system is also being abused to either avoid or force unwanted pvp unto clans. Strong toon in pve clan has a spot you want? Declare war to shoo 'em away. They open war? Scour hunting grounds and "pvp" with lowbies and macros alike until war is stopped. Rinse and repeat.
  22. Umm what? When *** was engaging in his scammy endeavors he was tagged MS.
  23. Recent and older occurrences do not exactly inspire faith in ncwest's testing procedures. Can I get a refund on that prestige pack I bought yesterday until the dreaded and most likely inevitable chaos is sorted?
  24. Pve

    Feohs are cheaper to build compared to a yul. Sure, a stacked feoh isn't as good as a stacked yul for aoe farming but if you think a stacked yul costs the same as a stacked feoh, sorry, but you're dead wrong.
  25. Pve

    Archers are incredibly expensive. You see the mentee farmers and the top dogs and you think they are great as a class, but you can build other classes very decently with half the adena.