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  1. i think that a good option to stop adena sellers spam is that you cant whisper until you are lvl 10 or 15 , like the shouts , especially to non-vip members...almost if they want to spam , they will lvl up
  2. Kyrzo

    Raid Bosses PT

    Hi guys , im lvl 30 elven knight and im intrested in doing some raid bosses , if you are intrested we can make multi-parties to make them. post here if you are intrested with your nick and i add you ingame
  3. jaja i think you deserve the ban more than me with that affirmation. PD:Cry me a River
  4. I think if they reduce 3 boxes to 2 is a good point , and the fishing is necessary increment the lvl to unlock it... so many farmers..
  5. No, its the normal, i think you give 5 adena for each item or someting....
  6. Oh my god , im retard ,thank you ...
  7. I kill almost 300 skeletons and i dont give anything...
  8. The quest of gludio (Ruins of despair) named Grim Collector is bugged , the mobs dont drop the items quest , im doing like 5 hours and dont get anything...
  9. Anyonoe knows if is avaiable get the soulshots free?
  10. at 15:00 GMT+1 , i mean , in 27 min right now
  11. When the servers coming up? at 15:00 GMT +1?
  12. Why only gift SpiritShots but no SoulShots? discrimination...
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