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  1. enhanced shadow fighter is my weapon r99 armor +8 set want to be a part of a clan to make daylies, and all clan activities
  2. hello, at the moment i am level 100 i am well armed and armored, my class is GK, have epics jewls, and i am very active player, i am looking for a clan where i can be a part of parties for epics, bosses, farm, level up, etc, i am always ready to participate. my name in cronos is Sweetface i am from Spain, have no problem to communicate in english thanks
  3. hello I am a firts time lineage 2 player. i have an Orc GK level 99 it has been really hard and slow for me to get 99 as i do not know a lot things of this game. now i fell my self stuck on level 99 as the instances that i do dayly provides me really few EXP and everytime i try to go hunting myself always die. i would like to know where can i farm decent EXP having set +6 R99 and a fist +5 r99. also would like to know way to make adena to buy better armor and weapon in game , to learn about prices and best things to sell is very important and if there is a clan t
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