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  1. My item quest Lost yesterday

    GG bc sever down and no response from gm or supportteam
  2. My item quest Lost yesterday

    i did it . i recheck same npc but it not give anything
  3. while the server have problem login and i disconnect when i run class quest next 10 h i login again so item q lost and quest cant goon i hit monster nameless 1 h not done wtF .
  4. [ADen]Thailand and English Chat

  5. Clan LV3 LF Player lv 40+ for hunting need all class ***urgently -Tank*** mail to ChinaTH แคลนคนไทยเลเวล3 ต้องการหาสมาชิกมาเล่นด้วยกัน Addline ARTIZLIFE
  6. Clan LV2 offer skill6% of EXp and reward lv2 5% LF Tank/melee DD for join activity ..PM Chinoth
  7. line artizlife add ma na