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  1. Nova Loses Aden to Box Clan of MS

    https://imgur.com/F8HPVnf ....
  2. How about some clarity to your user base on the rates of compounding? What's the problem with this being transparent?
  3. Last Call on Heine Fishing Specialties

    More people would buy baits and event items if they weren't permanently stuck at level 105.
  4. New Customizable Next Target Macro Functionality

    Neutron, You had said you were going to work to raise the PK count. What happened to that idea?
  5. Why No Official ANSWER? WHY?

    They don't care. Even if they did as individuals, they have no actual power to change anything. End of the day they are employees of a company with a very high turnover and I doubt they'd even think about putting a toe to the line.