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  1. I noticed this as well, my theory is that they have tried to add a prevention of people logging into the queue and just leaving the pc, so that the client would disconnect if left on the char select screen for 10 minutes. But it seems that the timer is started as soon as you enter the queue. Because everyone disconnects after 10 minutes it does not matter how many there will be in the queue, the max waiting time is 10 minutes because everyone in front of you will have disconnected already as they have been longer in the queue than you. Queue will work fine until it hits a threshold o
  2. I remember grinding without SS to be able to afford a devotion set somewhere around lvl 20, running to the borders between towns and using SoE instead of porting to save TP money. Definitely dont remember quests that just hand out stuff, mobs dropping a lot of mats. Probably best quest I remember from start in elven village was some repeatable quest on hunting fungus that gave 500 adena or so. I have not logged in yet so have no idea how screwed up it is now, but it certainly wasnt easy at the original launch.
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