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  1. Wipe everything. Make it a fresh start for everyone. Too many people left and won't come back, they'll consider they are too late now. You learnt what to fix, now it's time to have a clean server from the beginning with the population it could / should have. Classic has been waited for too long, it needs to be perfect from the very beginning to reach its full potential. Consider this a beta that put lights to main issues.
  2. Isn't it ? I mean, it's impossible to play otherwise. 10h queues, and that's only if youy are lucky enough for the queue not to get stucked in the middle. Is NCSoft classic team seriously in weekend while most of the players are more active during the weekend ? Not a single word from them about this critical issue. Just consider this as a beta ffs, so many things went wrong...
  3. 9 hours waitng, and the queue stopped moving... Nice.
  4. I have been waiting for 8 hours, and then I got stocked in the queue with 347 players left, stucked at 347 players for a few hours now, I locked my saturday for L2, and I couldn't play. Awesome. Apparently I'm not the only one, after a lot ouf hours the queue just stops progressing... You should considere doing something about the afk box so they don't block real main players. At least give us some info about what you are doing about it @Hime .
  5. +1 I'dl like to hear why they're not increasing the online slots..
  6. They could make it offline but counting as an online box.
  7. Will you finally increase the max online ? I mean half of the online are fishing or afk farming box anyway ...
  8. Any news about this issue ? Being banned from billing issues shouldn't take too long to investigate ? They just lost all the advantages they had by using money to be able to rush the early...
  9. Please, also fix the party icons... It's annoying to see sword for everyone and not being able to see who is mystic (it should be a book) and who is fighter. Also, the launch patch notes mentioned a 4% exp loss on death. It is currently 10%...
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