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  1. ROFL.....so people are angry that a GM fixed a mistake? Truffle and company complaining nova came together and mass petitioned?....as if MS hasn't mass petitioned in the past. Before you deny it, I remember all of the MS shouts making fun of some nova members being unable to shout because they were mass petitioned. How long before these so-called quitters will come back and pay for the next event? I predict 2 weeks....LOL
  2. who from Nova was at Rune? ask your clannies they seemed to get rolled along with your meatshields
  3. 684 more nova deaths? i guess they didn't count the kills off siege ground. I never saw the warstatus drop below 2830 when we started seige up 2880. As for Rune being greater than Aden.....ROFL
  4. excuses excuses....MS defend aden? how many times did their alt clans try to cast on aden? From what i remember, we were up more than 60+ points just before siege. Oh and i was definitely there yesterday....ask 1 shot zembla who fell to my arrow or how about that crowd of lowbies at the casting room that cried for truffle to come save them? i guess it's hard to see when you are sticking to the north gate of aden
  5. Nova keeps Aden, Nova is up 1900+ points on the war with MS. Somehow MS is winning? delusional much?
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