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  1. Join our discord channel : https://discord.gg/x3B7gEc
  2. We are on the Talking Island server
  3. Not sure who you are referring to, but our highest level is currently mid 40s with exp scrolls and dimensional blessing to get to high 40s. He's a beast. =D Most of us are mid 30s still, more and more hitting 40 though. We're still recruiting a few more members! Everyone is welcome join one of the few clans that haven't made deals with any Russians and are actually progressing independently. =D
  4. Bump! We got some of our first level 40+ and class changed players last night!
  5. Dynasty is an active North American clan on the Talking Island server. We currently have roughly 40 active players and are looking to grow slightly. Some details... Prime Time: 6pm to 3am Eastern Time Zone (GMT -5) Average Level: 30 to 40 Clan Structure: We are a mixture of Constant Parties (CPs) , where players play together at set schedules and pool resources to advance, and Regular Exp Groups (REGs), where players semi-commit to a time to log in and group up with the same group every day, but they don't pool resources or have set schedules. REGs are a good way to allow s
  6. Hi everyone, There's been lots of clamoring these past few days about the current drop rate and adena rate that we all are experiencing. Some of the community members on the discord channels helped track down the cause of these issues. At first, we thought maybe NCWest was using drop/adena rates from the 1.0 classic, although our data mining revealed that the Adena rate was even lower for 1.0 and the item drop rate was substantially better. With the help of current and former members of the EU classic team, we were able to determine that two sets of drop/ade
  7. It's most likely the fact some accounts are still locked out for people trying to purchase packs on multiple accounts with the same credit card. We should just launch it as is, and they should provide some compensation for the blocked players later. No need to punish all of us.
  8. @Hime @Juji Just get these servers online. The game is almost 20 years old. None of us care about a few issues. Just launch the damn servers!
  9. How about a little bit more transparency? What are the issues? Can we get hourly updates? What kind of compensation can we expect?
  10. I've already sent an email to appeal@ncsoft.com Do I need to resend it to support@ncsoft.com?
  11. @Juji Please check your Twitter DMs and support ticket 21967140
  12. @Hime @Juji Please release the server at a reasonable time. Alot of us have taken off wotk to play on launch day, release server sometime between 10am and 1pm GMT -5
  13. Hey, we'd love to have. Hop. Onto discord and we'll chat.
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