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  1. I am Mystic Muse and I have a few stun skills (on holy stance): elemental crash, elemental burst and magical charge/ evasion. Are these things affected by Queen ants soul ring and stuff like that? Are these affected by zakens earring (it has both stun and mental attack increase)? Are they affected by WIT, m. accuracy, something?
  2. Can mail me in-game at nick: 417 (yes, thats my nick: "417" )
  3. Info about feoh

    Why M. Accuracy for subclass skill, instead of defense? What does M. Accuracy do? Why M. Accuracy for AP - only to get the upgrade to revelation skill?
  4. Now you are censoring words in the forum?

    spender Edit: holly shit!
  5. Their purpose is to be top in L2, its as good reason to live as any. Life is ultimately meaningless anyway. Dont be so judgemental, please.
  6. Heavy traffic means the server is getting close to max, lets say >80% or something. Queue means [number of logins] > server capacity.
  7. I dont get people crying about the queue, but hating on every single thing that could possibly alleviate some of the queue. What? What do you want, exactly? Pretty much the only real solution would be to kick the damn boxes and limit every pc to 1 account or 2 max. And get rid of stupid nonsense fishing. Because its simple: server capacity < accounts logging in.
  8. Oh, great. I hate everything that has to do with AFK and multiboxing in a game, so this makes me happy.
  9. Oh, wow, could you be more condescending? This generation segregation is complete bullshit and every single child in history of humans has said something similar when they lose.
  10. I did this back when Feohs had double casting with my Mystic Muse Slow, slow, SLOW and some freeze (aqua crash FTW) and little bit of stun.
  11. Mystic Muse Question Water VS. Holy

    God dammit, guys. Stop it! This is a thread about + and - for water stance. Bring your flame war to DM.
  12. Mystic Muse Question Water VS. Holy

    5% coldown is pretty much negligible. Burst casting and crystal form are the only skills that really see an improved cd of a few seconds. Water stances elemental burst freeze effect last for 7 whole seconds vs 5 seconds for holy stun, BUT it has lower damage/ freeze radius than holy stun and I find the larger radius more useful. (although water has pretty sweet freeze animation) Greater mana of spirit is supposed to give a chance of casting freeze on single target using elemental spike, but it practically never works, so, thats a shame. It would be a significant factor if it worked even 10% of the time. But it works like.. 0.000001% And last, I find water stances elemental crash slow debuff more useful and, most importantly for me, MORE RELIABLE (as in, high landing chance) than holy's stun. Slow even works on raid bosses and high geared players. And it can slow down a lot. So.. I choose holy and sometimes switch to water for that slow effect. But switching sucks. Too bad we cant have two elements on weapon. Too bad, because I kinda liked how Elves are all about water.
  13. Look for advice how to make my damage higher

  14. Skill power vs M. attack

    OK, so then 25% m. att. + 10% crit. dmg. is about the same as 25% m.att. + 5% skill power? I am thinking of buying Chaos Essence and changing main from Muse to one of these. Soulhound still seems to be better even with your correction because it has AOE paralyze while Archmage has no stun/ paralyze (except for magic charge and evastion, I guess), is invincible while casting 101 skill and its Void destruction increases the chance of getting crititcals, while Archmage has .. more ignite, which dont stack from Elemental crash and burst. Speaking of Void Destruction - how exactly does "increases chance of receiving M. Critical Damage by 50%" work? If I have max crit. rate, do I have effectively more crit rate or it only matters if the target has buffs that decrease chance of getting a crit?
  15. Skill power vs M. attack

    So Soulhound at lvl 100 has passive for +5 m. att. and +25% skill power while Archmage (and others) have +25% m. att. Which is better?