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  1. That depends on where you're farming. If you're 60- then you're likely doing FoM every day, and it's really easy to walk to Hardin's from HV then SoE back to HV after you're done (less than 5 minutes).
  2. Yup. I dunno why anyone would pay for PK scrolls while this quest is in, just costs 55k to remove 1 PK point per day with no downsides.
  3. You need just 5 B Grade gemstones for NA classic. You can take as long as you need to complete the quest. You can only turn it in a maximum of once per day.
  4. @Hime @Juji When are you guys at NCWest actually going to start doing something about bots? Been seeing the same level 55+ bot trains in EV/DV for weeks now, and nothing has been done despite many reports (with video evidence each time). It's just sad at this point.
  5. Figured it was probably something like that. Thanks for the fast response, hope it's fixed soon.
  6. Since the maintenance, I've not been able to accept the sin eater quest, despite having the required materials. Here's a screenshot: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/405755995894054952/520199025052352512/unknown.png
  7. That's... not true at all. Have you ever heard of automated bans?
  8. @Hime So it's intended that level 30 mobs give more than level 50+ mobs? Please tell me this is some poorly-timed April Fool's joke. I seriously recommend you take down this post and reconsider again, otherwise you're going to be getting a LOT of paypal/cc chargebacks over the coming days.
  9. You can still make steady progress thanks to the dailies, your SP will take a hit though if you use the XP scrolls right away.
  10. The Free Teleports server setting will remain for one week. @Hime Why would you even consider removing this next week? Just leave it in indefinitely until you're sure you've fixed the broken rates.
  11. There are inconsistent descriptions. Some places say 40-44, some say 40-46. I think it's safe to assume that it'll stay how it is.
  12. @Noctiferia I also suspect that the game is using my on-board graphics over my GPU (on a desktop), since when I try to use remote desktop with my monitor turned off the game just shows a stationery screen corresponding to how the game looked when the monitor was last on. If I leave the monitor on then remote desktop works fine. I'd also like to know if there's any way to force L2 to use my GPU.
  13. Killed both of them on my level 50 Tyrant with no issues at all, just whack him for a few minutes til he dies.
  14. @Juji @Hime This issue still isn't fixed. Many high level people are starting to leave my server (Aden) because of it.
  15. Is this event where we get free c grade so we can progress?
  16. The halloween suit doesn't provide the lingering halloween buff anyway, right?
  17. Even most of the areas they 'fixed' are still garbage.
  18. Does anyone know how much max MP +1 men gives? Considering whether it's worth getting +4 MEN -5 INT on my boxed WC since the buffs cost so much mana.
  19. That's not really acceptable. Right now mobs at level 30 are giving more than mobs at level 50+. If there will be no future changes, then I'd kindly ask you to let us know now, because I'll be contacting paypal to retrieve the $200 I've spent.
  20. No, there are many inconsistencies across different zones and level ranges.
  21. Ahh I see, wish there was a tool that wouldn't get us all banned that'd let us gather drop data like old l2wh...
  22. The bonus items aren't in the box, you get them as soon as you purchase.
  23. Could you explain how you collected this data? I'd love to repeat something similar while I'm grinding.
  24. It doesn't need much investigation. Go hit a couple of 4x hp+ mobs in Cruma, and compare it to the gold from hitting mobs outside Dwarven Village.
  25. I checked them all when looking for a place to grind. They're all bleeped, every last one of them. It's not only the places with x2+ hp mobs either, every single place has bleeped adena and item droprates.
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