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  1. How dare they give special treatment to donators and not my free to play account!!!! I want my free rice!!! bleep!!!
  2. @op you do realize that most of the people complaining are only doing it for the sake of complaining, because what brilliant person would spam the forums about doom and gloom of the server if NCSOFT doesn’t do what they want? Thats like going to a pizza store, looking at the menu, ordering them to prepare Chinese food and preaching doomsday when they don’t get their way. Most of the regular individuals will just find something else to play as opposed to pretending to know the server’s future.
  3. Well, lets look at how the game is marketed. Lineage II Classic Take a step back in time and relive the original Lineage II experience as it was in the beginning. Create a classic hero from the original 5 races and 31 class options and jump into the nostalgic hardcore level grind where the rewards can outweigh the risks. It's your chance to experience the game the way it was when "hardcore" meant something! Now, may i ask why shouldn’t players want to relive old experiences and compare them to the Classic version considering that is one of the game’s main selling points and it’
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