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  1. 1 hour ago, zikeano said:

    different games different systems, nobody really cares about a skin / cosmetic item in lineage 2 to spend money on it but in games like csgo getting a expensive knife that looks amazing is something a lot of ppl do, havent played the others but im pretty sure its something similar. and what do you mean by "survive" lol every ilegal server has either 200 players on or they always die within 2 - 5 months.

    Lol your argument is ludicrous. Players will pay for cosmetic/aesthetic upgrades in any game. LoL, Fortnite and countless other f2p games prove that its a sustainable model. Implying that f2p must equal p2w is absurd. 

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  2. The xp curve is certainly accurate and relevant to our version of classic. If you are 35 you need to look at the necessary amount of xp required to hit 36 and subtract from that the amount needed for 35 (30,067,485 - 25,304,463) which equals 4,763,022 (This is the amount of xp required to go from level 35 to level 36). If you gained 3,000,000 xp from your quest you gained 3,000,000/4,763,022 = .63 or 63%. #mathishard

     Here is a link showing the necessary xp for each level, although it doesn't show the comparison to old school retail per level requirements. 


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  3. On 10/19/2018 at 5:55 AM, Devoid said:

    Since your drop rate bonus is applied through a passive skill, that means it functions just like any drop rate rune in LIVE.

    So if your drop rate is 150% of original, and you make a party with ONE other player who has a 100% drop rate, then, as long as they are in XP-gaining range, the drop rate becomes 125% of original.

    Can we get confirmation on this? This is a shi tty mechanic for VIPers and non VIPers alike



    @FatHips and @SmileyCyrus each touch on a lot of good points. Honestly I'm far too exhausted, at this point to reiterate my opinion on some of the more polarizing debates but I will say that my train of thought aligns more closely with @FatHips. The below statement say's enough: 

    51 minutes ago, FatHips said:

    You've got to expand your perspective beyond what is immediately in front of your eyes 

    If the server died tomorrow and everyone here decided to apply this sentiment to the rest of their lives, then L2Classic would have served a greater purpose lol. 

    I am confident the current design is unsustainable. I've no-life'd L2 with the best of them and while I may enjoy pvp more than most and/or xp'ing less than, I don't think hitting 75 in c2/c3 was particularly easy. It became progressively easier as gear, and buffs became more accessible but I certainly wouldn't call it easy at any point, pre-interlude. Currently 1-20 is largely the same here as it was on retail, and anyone whose played l2 hardcore can push themselves to 40 without breaking a sweat (although it is by no means fast). With that being said, the xp requirement for lvl 70 in L2Classic is nothing short of absurd (It's equivalent to getting 4 characters to 75 on old school retail). When you pair that with the reduced adena and spoil rates, as well as the fact that % loss on death remains unchanged (assuming it ever gets fixed), you have a distinct issue. I'm a hardcore pvp'er and I am having nightmares about 4% loss at 60+ (level 59 is slightly more difficult than hitting 75 was on retail).  The broken (or reduced by intention?) spoil rate itself is probably unsustainable, but all of these issues combined? It's just impractical. 

    What bothers me the most is that I think some of the rational minds within this thread alone could probably have designed a more thoughtful re-hashing of Lineage 2. 

  5. Does the defense rest its case? because it's argument is generous at best. The fact is that the NCwest team is completely useless. They are, at best, a service desk; whose capabilities, and in turn responsibilities extend no further than reporting issues to the people who actually matter. NCwest is not waiting for consent as was stated earlier. They are, without a doubt, waiting for help. If ncwest cant be trusted to fix the most obvious of problems such as % loss on death, then that speaks volumes to their level of competence. To suggest that this is standard procedure for software SUPPORT (not development) is ludicrous. 

    32 minutes ago, nbx said:

    Private servers also don't have to take into consideration the long term health of their server, as their costs are minimal compared to a company this size. It's not even just software developement. Every single big company works this way, so you will be real damn surprised if you ever join the big boy workforce.

    "Long term health" made me lol. Disregarding the fact that you are giving NCsoft a lot more credit than they probably deserve, this statement largely does not apply to break/fix. No one is asking for a redesign. We are asking for FIXES because the game that NCsoft INTENDED after their many "long term health" considerations, was not properly implemented. Break/Fix exists to ensure the integrity of the intended design. Instead of defending the company who thought a service-desk was adequate support for the entire Western Hemisphere, why not exercise your right to feel neglected?

    Lastly, for all of you corporate warriors; There is no way in hell any competent corporation would allow business critical applications to be impaired for this long. If there isn't a Skype, TeamViewer, or Webex session taking place right now to address these issues then we all have every right to feel slighted by NCsoft. You do yourself a disservice by defending them. 

  6. To all the ignorant people making sweeping generalizations about how easy the game is after 20 levels I implore you to review the Skelth xp curve posted above by @ephy. Hitting level 20 was never difficult and I played a freaking Paladin in c2.......  There is nothing about grinding without soulshots that makes the l2 experience better or more genuine. Soulshots were readily available back in the day and with the actual 1x adena rate they were more than affordable. Lineage 2 is infamous for its grind heavy experience and the idiots at NCSOFT literally decided that it would make sense to make the game 10x harder this time around. Stop blaspheming about the genuine "old school hardcore feeling". So long as the server is not 1x it is inherently disingenuous. I predict that the majority of you will be crying on the forums by the time you reach 60 (generous estimate imo) as this is the equivalent of hitting 76 on retail in Interlude. Good Luck with that. 

  7. 3 hours ago, existenz said:

    yea but national polls take into consideration the sample of the population to be chosen with scientific criteria.

    I think that Forum is not a representative sample of the people that play.

    Although i agree that they have to fix the adena rates to something normal like for example how it was on Skelth when it started.

    The fact that people still believe this poll isn't indicative of the public opinion is just silly. People don't only come to the forums to complain. People are here to ask questions about quests, bugs, looking for clans, and the list goes on. These results can almost certainly be applied to the community as a whole and to continue to suggest that we are simply an "unhappy minority" is ignorant. When the servers are deserted we will see which of us was truly in the minority. 

  8. 4 minutes ago, Mistrix said:

    They can't say anything, because they don't fix things, they have to wait until some programmer actually says - " ok, Juji, we fixed that and that, tomorrow patch " 
    and after that Juji will say something :) JUst patience guys, the server just 4 days out. :)

    p.s. just go and sit in AC camp and get shady box :P And keep playing other games or/and do other stuff. :)

    They can tell us that they are talking to the dev team about the issue. They can tell us they realize 80% of the community is unhappy and they are working on a resolution. Their silence suggests that either they are ignoring us or they know we wont like the answers they already have.  

  9. 6 minutes ago, pwoni said:

    20 yr old dude, just casually living and i thought i would write down what i ate today since i wasn't really paying attention.

    3 grapes, 2 chocolate bars, around 12 pocky, 3 apples, 1 piece of meat, 2 units of sauce for the rice and the meat. i didn't quite hunt the food, it just happened to be in the kitchen. i had a coke with a high amount of sugar about 54889 tons and i wore leather pants while drinking it. also at a party next door someone dropped a bunch of burgers (twice) from BK but i only got one (they left them there and by the time i got there someone else got the others lol). anyways, just adding this to your info. cheers. 

    i was also drinking beverages so 1 piece of food / 1 sip of water or coke give or take. sometimes i just drank straight out of the bottle when it wasn't enough. oh and i was bluffing the whole time.

    I lol'ed at this

  10. 18 hours ago, SunnyD said:

    You guys have some pretty good ideas on player progression, making a game enjoyable. Are you guys sure you're not game designers? If you are, then why not open your own server if you guys know what you're talking  about or sending your resumes to NCsoft? Maybe ncsoft can hire you 

    And if you're not, what qualifications do you guys have for making an educated opinion on game design choices? I would really love to hear your thoughts on them.

    Strong argument bro. So assuming you aren't a chef I'm sure you don't mind eating sh it, correct? 

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  11. 2 minutes ago, rpgmaniac said:

    Didn't you read this thread?

    this guy did a test with RU classic & based on this test if you make the math comparing the xp you get in the RU classic vs NA classic the exp in ours is 0.25% less, so our server is 0.75% simple as that.

    Cool so mobs give 75% when compared to Skelth which means, given the math I showed you above, the practical xp rate is 10% of the rate we experienced on retail in c5 assuming Skelth has the retail mob xp return value. Simple as that. 

  12. 3 minutes ago, rpgmaniac said:

    It's not x0.25 don't pull stuff out of your 4ss people test things already & they did a comparison with the RU classic server & XP/SP in NA classic is 0.25% less so our server is x0.75% & the only way to get the original rates is if you are VIP4, but that's not the worst imo the worst is that adena/item drop rate is -50% people can't afford to buy even SS they need to increase the drop rate of adena & items asap things can't go on like this.

    Show me where you are getting this .75x rate from please. If the actual xp the mobs are giving is .75x then the situation is critically worse than all of us are suggesting. The reason the xp on this server is slow is not because of the mob xp but because of the increase xp requirement per level. Based on the Skelth XP curve it took 429,634,528 xp to hit 70 in the original L2 while in the current L2 classic it will take 3,041,801,165. That equates to .14x my friend so if in addition to this the mobs are actually giving 75% of what they gave on retail then the practical xp rate would be .10x or 10 times harder than it was previously. Whether it be .14x or .10x its disgusting. 


  13. On 10/6/2018 at 5:00 AM, Mirabilla said:

    I agree match the same drop rate and xp rate as old L2, BUT u will also have to pay for teleport, drop items on death, no free armor, no free weapon, no level 20 in a few hours, fishing must be manual, swim or take the boat ferry to save money as opposed to spending it on teleports, Manual soulshots, No L2 store, etc all for a subscription of 15$ a month. 

    Basically all the adena sinks from old L2 with a required subscription to play.

    No more free rice crybabies. This is Lineage 2.

    LOL!! And the moral of the story is.... People would gladly pay $15/month for a good game then $0/month for a trash one. zomg we can hit level 20 twice as fast now?!? sure but 21-75 is literally 7 times harder. This would be great if we all wanted to pvp at level 20. It would have been just as easy for them to release a genuine Interlude server with graphical updates. 

  14. 23 minutes ago, Stett said:

    Invested money huh? 30$ That's almost nothing. People who use multiple boxes are fine with me. Those are just people trying to get an advantage as anyone would. Trying to exploit the system. The key issue is player progression. You feel that it is burdensome or that you are handicapped. I think they made it clear in the pre-release live stream. They would address issues as they come along. They will look at the pool of player base and player progression to determine the next step. I understand it may not be that playable at higher levels but most of the server is not at that level yet... There is always room for change in the future. They are not hard stuck but, the server has barely been open for a week. Let's give it some time and put some trust into the developers. It is fine to voice our opinions but, they can only measure what they see. Right now, the player base has grown over the first week so much that they had to provide an additional server. Only time will tell if they need to remedy the issue. At this point in time, it's unnecessary because they barely got started. Maybe the way I view things are wrong. I try to be objective as possible. These I believe are the key things they are looking at in determining whats best for their player base. They possess the raw data and we do not. They cannot reply on a hypothesis of the future. They can only rely on factual data from their servers. Every day has enough problems on its own to focus on, so we should deal with it on a day by day basis. At least, this is the most practical approach as far as I can tell. I respect everyone on this matter though and am glad I was able to discuss this.


    What data do you think they are looking at? Appropriate "Player progression" is highly subjective and should be discussed (e.g on this forum). Forum feedback is no less informative than this "factual server data" you are referring to. We are not talking about hypothetical issues of tomorrow. There are clear issues right now. Most people cant login because the server queue is crazy. Honestly this is a good problem to have but obviously needs to be addressed or it will have an immediate impact on the server population. The hype surrounding this server will never be greater than it is right now so right now is the time to get it right. The xp curve and adena/spoil rate is absurd... plain and simple. It's not just absurd at 70 it's absurd right now. And while this may have been VAGUELY implied before release I also VAGUELY knew my girlfriend had issues when I met her but she was hot so I got involved anyway betting on the off chance she wasn't out of her bleep mind. This is how most humans think regardless of how silly it sounds in retrospect. We are all here betting on the off chance that this "Classic" server can provide some fraction of the joy Lineage provided before it went to shit. We are here because the game was just better prior to Chaotic throne and the game developers know that now because their "Server data" showed them a regularly declining game population. For them to allude to the fact that this server would have a classic feel only to release this custom hybrid with harshly reduced rates is simply misleading and unfair to us. If you choose to buy in that's your decision but the rest of us have legitimate cause.   

  15. I miss the days when 1x was the lowest rate around lol. The EXP curve is actually much worse than .25. Closer to .18 by end game. It is unfortunate that they thought nerfing the rates to oblivion and adding a cash shop was the way to go about generating revenue here. If you create a quality game focused on the player experience you can easily generate revenue by way of cosmetic items, and name changes. Hell, even if they wanted to sell adena for cash it would still be reminiscent of classic retail, just without the middleman  (itemgarden anyone?). The game in its current state is by no means pay to win (maybe pay to suffer slightly less) but its obvious that their decision to use xp boosts to generate income ruins this entire experience. This is a glorified private server. The irony is that one of the few benefits of retail over private servers has always been the guarantee of a bug free environment and accurate game files, which is clearly not the case here. We are all here because the game went to shit (CT1 and beyond imo). @Juji have the dev team go find the game files for C4/C5 update the graphics and get back to us.