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  1. Lol your argument is ludicrous. Players will pay for cosmetic/aesthetic upgrades in any game. LoL, Fortnite and countless other f2p games prove that its a sustainable model. Implying that f2p must equal p2w is absurd.
  2. I need confirmation that these pendants are permanent (will persist after the event) so I can quit right now and save myself time.
  3. +1 Seems like the +50% exp is gone for some reason.
  4. The xp curve is certainly accurate and relevant to our version of classic. If you are 35 you need to look at the necessary amount of xp required to hit 36 and subtract from that the amount needed for 35 (30,067,485 - 25,304,463) which equals 4,763,022 (This is the amount of xp required to go from level 35 to level 36). If you gained 3,000,000 xp from your quest you gained 3,000,000/4,763,022 = .63 or 63%. #mathishard Here is a link showing the necessary xp for each level, although it doesn't show the comparison to old school retail per level requirements. https://l2wiki.com/classic
  5. Can we get confirmation on this? This is a shi tty mechanic for VIPers and non VIPers alike
  6. @FatHips and @SmileyCyrus each touch on a lot of good points. Honestly I'm far too exhausted, at this point to reiterate my opinion on some of the more polarizing debates but I will say that my train of thought aligns more closely with @FatHips. The below statement say's enough: If the server died tomorrow and everyone here decided to apply this sentiment to the rest of their lives, then L2Classic would have served a greater purpose lol. I am confident the current design is unsustainable. I've no-life'd L2 with the best of them and while I may enjoy pvp more than most and/or xp'
  7. Does the defense rest its case? because it's argument is generous at best. The fact is that the NCwest team is completely useless. They are, at best, a service desk; whose capabilities, and in turn responsibilities extend no further than reporting issues to the people who actually matter. NCwest is not waiting for consent as was stated earlier. They are, without a doubt, waiting for help. If ncwest cant be trusted to fix the most obvious of problems such as % loss on death, then that speaks volumes to their level of competence. To suggest that this is standard procedure for software SUPPORT (n
  8. Btw it seems like its -15% loss on death if you de-lvl.. -10% otherwise @Juji @Hime
  9. To all the ignorant people making sweeping generalizations about how easy the game is after 20 levels I implore you to review the Skelth xp curve posted above by @ephy. Hitting level 20 was never difficult and I played a freaking Paladin in c2....... There is nothing about grinding without soulshots that makes the l2 experience better or more genuine. Soulshots were readily available back in the day and with the actual 1x adena rate they were more than affordable. Lineage 2 is infamous for its grind heavy experience and the idiots at NCSOFT literally decided that it would make sense to make t
  10. Are we seriously neglecting the exp rate and % loss on death?
  11. Lets stay on topic. https://www.strawpoll.me/16599907/r The state of the union is........ Not good
  12. The fact that people still believe this poll isn't indicative of the public opinion is just silly. People don't only come to the forums to complain. People are here to ask questions about quests, bugs, looking for clans, and the list goes on. These results can almost certainly be applied to the community as a whole and to continue to suggest that we are simply an "unhappy minority" is ignorant. When the servers are deserted we will see which of us was truly in the minority.
  13. They can tell us that they are talking to the dev team about the issue. They can tell us they realize 80% of the community is unhappy and they are working on a resolution. Their silence suggests that either they are ignoring us or they know we wont like the answers they already have.
  14. Dont forget the 164 people 23% who will quit shortly after lol
  15. Strong argument bro. So assuming you aren't a chef I'm sure you don't mind eating sh it, correct?
  16. Cool so mobs give 75% when compared to Skelth which means, given the math I showed you above, the practical xp rate is 10% of the rate we experienced on retail in c5 assuming Skelth has the retail mob xp return value. Simple as that.
  17. Show me where you are getting this .75x rate from please. If the actual xp the mobs are giving is .75x then the situation is critically worse than all of us are suggesting. The reason the xp on this server is slow is not because of the mob xp but because of the increase xp requirement per level. Based on the Skelth XP curve it took 429,634,528 xp to hit 70 in the original L2 while in the current L2 classic it will take 3,041,801,165. That equates to .14x my friend so if in addition to this the mobs are actually giving 75% of what they gave on retail then the practical xp rate would be .10x or
  18. + 1 This. I was trying to find a way to create an embedded poll. It would have a better effect. Anyway you can embed the live results?
  19. LOL!! And the moral of the story is.... People would gladly pay $15/month for a good game then $0/month for a trash one. zomg we can hit level 20 twice as fast now?!? sure but 21-75 is literally 7 times harder. This would be great if we all wanted to pvp at level 20. It would have been just as easy for them to release a genuine Interlude server with graphical updates.
  20. What data do you think they are looking at? Appropriate "Player progression" is highly subjective and should be discussed (e.g on this forum). Forum feedback is no less informative than this "factual server data" you are referring to. We are not talking about hypothetical issues of tomorrow. There are clear issues right now. Most people cant login because the server queue is crazy. Honestly this is a good problem to have but obviously needs to be addressed or it will have an immediate impact on the server population. The hype surrounding this server will never be greater than it is right now s
  21. I miss the days when 1x was the lowest rate around lol. The EXP curve is actually much worse than .25. Closer to .18 by end game. It is unfortunate that they thought nerfing the rates to oblivion and adding a cash shop was the way to go about generating revenue here. If you create a quality game focused on the player experience you can easily generate revenue by way of cosmetic items, and name changes. Hell, even if they wanted to sell adena for cash it would still be reminiscent of classic retail, just without the middleman (itemgarden anyone?). The game in its current state is by no means p
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