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  1. LF Any information when our Giran server will be updated to next version of classic, we are really in need of the new places to farm. Devil Isle Forgotten Island Garden of Eva, no mobs at all ? No olympiad, no sieges ? When you will update us ?
  2. No oly neither sieges on this update.
  3. Bye bye from me, since my post was moderated and locked with my Proper VIDEOS that show bots which are still ingame. Good luck to everyone.
  4. Waiting for answer if this bots have been shut down UP @Juji
  5. Dear NCSoft, I see you are doing a bit of acting about huge amount of bots at newbie zones specially FT. Now I will do you a favor and I will crazy do video record on every crappy sh^t bot I ever see. Here you go, 2 bots which was disgusting rude while I put a huge amount of mobs on them and they died. HERE YOU GO. I WONT PLAY IN SUCH A SERVER IF I SEE THIS BOTS AGAIN I WILL REPORT IT AGAIN AND UPLOAD A VIDEO AGAIN. If there wont be any action against this foolish people I will have to leave this away from me, cuz while I'm cutting my ass off to farm adena for top D weapon
  6. WHere the hell you spend 500$ noob, The server is a bit older than a month and you already spend this huge amount of coins in some runes and xp skrolls noob ? Go hide yourself somewhere and cry a river. Bots should be banned, accept it and play normal otherwise, find other crappy server to put your shitty bot to farm on your behalf. Regards.
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