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  1. why you up my lvl? i cant drop the lvl again. dont need lv 60, i want my lvl 57 again.
  2. aw ok, but when him creat new server all bot (hacker)and saler adena(hacker) go to other new server. and server full again.
  3. blood have alot vip say cant log. look all post man after say anything.
  4. 1- max one account to enter 2- adm/gm for ban saler adena/ and bot 3 block shop player 4 put auction ( no need more shop player ) 5- fishing no automatic ( online ). 6- make it less 4000 players saler/bot/afks/no queue.
  5. hey put just one account to enter ( max 1 ( one ) account ) and thats bots/box/saler finish. saler put auction market done the problem.
  6. we cant log with thats time ( 5sec ) man. please put on 15 sec.
  7. please up the time for enter on game for 15 sec, just 5 sec cant enter.
  8. it a joke? 3 sec and dc. cant log my account and have sub password yet.
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