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  1. Its actually ridiculously funny how many people think boxing is a core feature of mmorpg... If anything, boxing is a way for lazy and anti-social people to make things ingame a bit easier. Now how can something with the words 'lazy' and 'anti-social' be a core feature of any mmorpg? Boxing became the standard through the years, yes, definately, but that doesnt make it 'meant to be' at all. That being said, i am totally ok with boxes, as long as it doesnt take up space from others. Real player over box anytime.
  2. which, gearwise, also only can be improved with armor set bonusses. OR with lucky augment on weap
  3. Perhaps we play on different servers. Maybe what you are saying is the case on TI, I don't know. Way to go on the ad hominem by the way.
  4. And the reason it exists, is because of the new rates. One could question if thats a good or a bad thing. Personally i think it's bad people can afford such prices allready. Others think it's good. which may be true (even tho i had 60k at 15, but ok) but still thats just an argument for the former rates to be bad, not for the current rates to be actually good.
  5. Way off what? Kinda subjective, don't you think? No holy bible exists about rates, right? And even they were bad before, who is to say they are 'great' now? Like I said, kinda subjective, right? They may align more with your opionion about how the game should be but that doesn't necessarily make them great objectively seen. But hey, it does feel like that, doesnt it? Only one can hold the truth, why not you, right? This forum looks like kindergarten half of the time.
  6. Funny, one would get flamed like mad for saying exact this sentence BEFORE the changes. Yet now it's viable to use?
  7. see my post above. For the record, I am on your side, but who cares, right? Ignorance IS truly a bliss I guess.
  8. You are right, I assumed Giran. Perhaps on TI things are different. Dont be a bird yourself either.
  9. Yesterday evening, one of the 'top cps' was just over 40. See above Yes, in a server where high level players exists that are not only in need of a lot of mats, but also farm enough adena in high level places, a spoiler can make sh1tloads of money from materials. In a classic(!) server that just started there shouldn't be much players that can afford loads of mats for the prices you mention.Nor would they need those mats in considerable amounts. Therefore, you shouldnt be able to make that kind of money.
  10. I think the most important factor for EE is Mana and Casting Speed, former more than the latter. More mana simply means more recharges, more heals and maybe even a debuff in between. Early game the only good reliable way for your mana pool to increase is higher grade robes. Therefore, while I know it won't be an easy task, I would always focus on that karmian set asap and put all my effort in grinding money for that before 40. If not karmian, then the proper D robe at least (Forgot about its name) Now ofcourse, a problem would occur when you primarely want to level your EE solo, since you
  11. Guys, ofcourse its much slower now since nobody gets kicked anymore after the 10 minute timer. We now have to wait till someone logs off or quits queue early to move up spots.
  12. the only problem with this is: We don't actually know how many people will be in the queue if noone gets disconected from it after 10 minutes. Therefore, for all we know a queue of 1000+ people could(!) emerge and waiting time could(!) be hours, since moving up in queue would only happen if someone logs off OR decides to leave the queue early. While that would definately solve the disconnect issue at character select, it would hardly solve the entire problem itself.
  13. I would give up on Giran, if Aden didnt have a rediculous time-zone for european players.
  14. To be fair, at the moment the spoilrate for most spoilers is 0, since their client keeps getting closed (y)
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