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  1. Irlu

    Rate Class

    NONE. That is the true answer. Maybe the only class that can solo without box is SUMMONER, any of them. No other class can solo decently without support or box. And absolutly none of the rare class wich tend to be the worst class for solo..... Hope it helps....
  2. Y How it is posible to reach lvl 40 or even 50 and claim to not have to buy c grade gear????? I play with a TANK (worst char ever to farm apart from supports XD) playing very casual. I reach lvl 40 and have to buy all C grade gear from luxury wich i did beside weapon that i have an elven long swrd.. ... And i do not do to much effort. Yes i know the game i know dwarfs are a MUST if you want to play smart.... and you don´t need to own thouse char... Check the yellow stores... BTW i NEVER buy ss from other players...... that maybe the worst fail most do... And yes you need to mult
  3. For sure you a are new commers and dont have seen what it has been in the past 7-8 years of Free to play model / administration. This will survive that long and even more. The number of characters online has not drop yet to the point where they did past merges. Maybe they do it sooner with next patch update and avoid the trouble of crying do Clan halls, castles etc that, most probably, will be implemented on next patch. Things are doing pretty nice with 2 servers at full capacity or close to it and ther rest over 2k characters online.. ye you can tell that most are bots but no one kno
  4. Irlu

    AW or PR

    Archers are easier and best for pve / pvp. Always have been and always will be....... Maybe daggers are more funny, just depend on your taste dude. But if you want a concrete answer PR is better, no question about it. Regards
  5. the merge will come eventually, as already has happend on the numerous servers that where created when the GOD and f2p model kicks in in 2012. Probably in a year or two, or when they do the next update. So use the time to farm the free spot you can enjoy now. Don´t worry for sure it will come. Regards.
  6. Hi. why posting again? you already open a thread in the race section... just saying
  7. yes , over lvl 60. Check the wiki classic website to get an idea...... Seems that spoil get a " gap" between lvl 35 to lvl 60 dunno why .. in terms of mats. Have you try spoil Keys? thouse do not fall that bad in the 40-60 lvls.. materilas in that lvl range is almost not existance..... Regards.
  8. why not pvp? it doesn´t reduce that much your HP.. .... And the DPS is not that much, is nice, but not thaaat much your concern because about avoiding PVP on this dye setup is cause of the HP reduction? or something else??
  9. You have some sort of gamming mouse or special keybord installed ( like nostromus, etc) ? with its own software?
  10. B grade is here. Runes, the new SA system, will be soon, on next patch. No kamael.
  11. Classic here is C 1.5....... C6 classic do not exist
  12. Go +4 wit +4 int +4 Con... the 4 con will boost PVP more than +1 wit or int will bost pve or pvp....
  13. Find groups and AOE. Otherwise rol a spoiler and farm to buy a weapon. Another box will slow you down horrible. The only viable way to farm solo, with a tank, is with a good weapon and ofc with soulshots.
  14. Thats not Queen Ant, Is the Drone Priest and indeed is 75 and is on our servers.. They mean the PRIESTES of thouse raid bosses that are indeed 75 and i are in our servers. https://l2wiki.com/classic/Priest_Orfen_Lord_Ipos https://l2wiki.com/classic/Priest_of_Core_Decar Regards
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