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  1. Adena went up but the rare it drops aswell as loot hasn't changed. Those need to be updated too.
  2. Juji, adena and drops are still not fixed. The amount went up. But the rate it drops at is so terrible. Same with loot. I'm at cruma tower second floor. And made 9k in 2 hours. With only like 6 loot drops. What's going on. It never use to be like this before.
  3. I'm at cruma tower and only getting adena every 20 kills. The adena went up this Update. But the rate its dropping is 1/20 or more. Same with loot. Got 6 drops in 2 hours. Also 5k adena in 2 hours. Wtf?
  4. I was just saying this to my clan. I get adena in 1/20 kills if not 1/30 at cruma tower. Made 5k in 2 hours at cruma wtf??
  5. How are they going to find every single person that couldn't log in. Idiot it's impossible. So obviously they're just going to give a reward for whole server much easier. Then checking individually every person that couldn't log in for the last few days..
  6. Another way is to click all 3 of the other servers u dont use but don't log in then click ur server and it should work
  7. Yes both of them can be used together. Been confirmed and tested.
  8. Ants nest could be good. Good xp and adena
  9. So what everyone's a bot now because the population is the same as before? Right.. It's because of people like you that people are accused of botting when they're not. Just shut up and admit half the people complaining they quit, didn't quit. That's my point.
  10. if you check the servers right now , there the highest they've been in awhile, so most of those people saying they've quit is all bs, because population servers havnt changed abit. lol..https://playl2.eu/?full https://l2.laby.fr/status/
  11. Why are people going crazy over something that will be gone in 30 days. These people will be strong for 30 days and it'll be gone. That doesn't ruin the server at all. Nothing will change. Just some op players for a few weeks. Then it'll be back to normal. No big deal.
  12. It's an event for 30days it's not here forever. Who cares if people buy a pendent.. They will be strong for 30 days. Then they will lose it. So it doesn't really matter.
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