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  1. so any action for the nc team to let as play today ?
  2. halo does anyone else have this issue today with the launcher? Several hours I am trying to login and my launcher doesn't work its writing " failed to read contest date from the update server "
  3. Halo to all, do anyone else have DC /Huge lag and problems with the launcher ? Today i cannot play i get huge lag and screen freeze every time i move
  4. Agreed(sometimes makes a limited wep its cheaper than another stuffs ) , the point of this post is for someone in charge to see it. because its unfair for the players that lowers weps like R99 can change status , and not for R110 .
  5. Halo all , i am writing this post to suggest a change to the game. As you noticed a lot of weps on both of the servers are Bloody (PVE) and you cannot upgrade to limited weps because the Dark Wep stones are rare and if you find the price are too high . You cannot change the enchant option anymore to the R110 weps only to R99. Maybe they could change this and we could change from bloody to enchanted weps so we would have the option to make it Pvp and then Limited? a lot of bloody stones on the market but none of them dark stones kind regards
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