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  1. Hey, everyone ! We are group of mature players ! We all got jobs and most of us familys, but we still find quit alot time to stay in L2 WORLD ! We looking for a person who plays warlord lvl 48-55~ to join our team! Our online time is GMT+0 18:00 , we play as a party for 2-4 hours (depends). We play daily , weekends included, but we all have real lifes and as i mention works, familys soo we all understand if someone cant play on weekend day or two. We are part of clan were players are same advanced casuals (thats the best how we can describe our selfs, Gamers with real life and its problems) with Clan hall , Raid boss activitys, Siege and other stuff. Soo, comment , mail me here or pm in game Lukstas. Looking forward to hear from you WARLORD !
  2. Dark avanger and his Horror skill

    @shadicar atleast you can 1 hit mage who is using cdl. Or ranged stun consums alot of mp and warlord cant perma hold u on stun. And the Da skill horror can hold you on fear for eternity if he likes. Even with all high lvl buffs and pow or pof it doesnt fail just land with 100%-99% succses rate.
  3. Hello everyone. I had a lovely evening in SOS (sea of spores) as usual trying to competite with mages /archers (I play melee DD) BUT tonight was something new i meet a darkavanger. As i find out my clanies had an issue with him and his friend archer earlier. And as result they start to flag.. I fought why not ? Lets wrestle a bit. I am Orc Destroyer level 46, my clanie was Swordsinger the players against who we was fighting was DA(46~guessing by the his cat as cat was green for me.) and low lvl PR(40-44). Soo me and my clanie been held on FEAR (skill Horror) for all the time both at same time. And the only time we could get out of FEAR as i understand when the Dark Avanger was typing something. Im geared in TOP D/C jewels + 2nd class buffs from shop + prophercy of water + Fruit + LION HEARTH+mental shield + rezistchok. And beleave it or not none of those buffs stoped from keep runing in permant Fear. Soo question is. Is this how its suppose to work ? or this is bit OP ? Because DA didnt run out of mana and he could hold on fear 2 players at same time, it means skill doesnt have practicly no CoolDown. If its how its suppose to work, maybe lets everyone Re-roll to DA and lets keep hold everything in FEAR :)) (joke). If its all good here then we have just accept it. But it doesnt seem fair with all these rezists and buffs keep getting feared.
  4. God dammit , and again i get dc while was cheking something on classic wiki, and other none VIP toon still in qeeue soo thats not internet problems related.
  5. ive got vip 4 -====================- Well im from EU soo i dont need wtfast or any other programs to log on .
  6. Hi everyone, Im getting dc from server everytime i go afk BUY/SELL shop or fishing. I get disconnect within an hour soo. But if i leave my toon just AFK somewhere standing doing nothing in town or outside town i can stand in a fealds for days and i wont get disconnected, but as soon as i start BUY/Sell or use my fishing rod i get disconnected. Does anyone else expierence this problem or have a solution for it ?