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  1. I have the same problem, I try with cable, wifi, disconnect antivirus etc.... Justo about 2h or less disconnect! And even I am VIP member :S. I have a macbook pro, windows 10 and 300/300 Mb connection, I dude it was my hardware...
  2. Naikara

    Server queue

    You can see my Infinity queue 1.7K and I login this morning and I suffer an RANDOM DISCONNECT???? WHY??? AND THEN RELOGIN 1.7K I hate you NCSOFT! Fix the server or open 5 more servers, I dont understand if you ganancy is more people playing = more adenas and a lot of people want to play! OPEN MORE SERVERS!
  3. Hola, no se si podre ponerme en contacto con vosotros con el tema la cola eterna, estaria interesado en jugar con vosotros, juego bishop healer como main y jugue hace tiempo. Normalmente puedo jugar mañanas y/o tardes aunque menos en fin de semana . Saludos.
  4. Hola, no soy de Galicia, soy de Albecete y estoy buscando un clan, normalmente juego bishop, todo esto si algun dia se termina esta coooooola infinita!
  5. I agree with topic 1 account per computer!!! It is ridiculous I login at 8:00 AM. now it is 16:25 and low 1024 to 425 in the queue. I have 2 accounts but I always played with healers and, at this moment, nobody search buffers or healers player because they have their own healers and buffers. If we want a hardcore, real and "all classes" are necessary 1 pc=1player, it is easy.
  6. I dont understand why make the queue for after exit the game?????? Please fix and if cant restart server about 2h for logout boxes, bots, afk people etc. I play on Linege NO classic and it was a wonderful experience but this classic server is demencial... And YOU ARE NCSOFT OMG!!! It isnt??
  7. I totally agree with Kabal. I played for a long time the classic Lineage II and the experience and rates are totally differents, there is no where to take it. Also today I have to make a queue of 600 people to enter the server and, at the end does not let you play, is unbearable.
  8. Hola, el enlace de discord ya caducó, yo tambien estoy buscando clan, soy español y planeo hacer un bishop/cardinal.
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