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  1. Merrow question

    You don't need SB for life cubic. only aqua need a SB.
  2. ES Costs too high

    It's cheaper to craft your own beast SS than bought some. You have to farm without bss or find a zone that give you around 350 / 400 a per kill. the best way is to farm with nuker group. you have a good nuke and self recharge with your Boxer OR you nuke with Merrow. Classic is hard for pve. For PVP just use all that you have.
  3. Dungeon of Abyss

    Hi, I just make the boss in the dungeon of abyss with a Key that i earn inside. After killing the mob in 10 min around, I earn .. nothing. 0 box 0 loot and 2 k exp. I don't think it's normal...
  4. client closes at Charecter screen

    9th time in a raw and still impossible to log in the game... get kicked on select screen. :(
  5. Same here. Can't login. I reach the selection server and get kicked by the game after the Queue.