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  1. On 28/11/2018 at 5:33 PM, Userbaer said:

    you still buy pet ss out of the magic shop ?

    It's cheaper to craft your own beast SS than bought some.

    On 28/11/2018 at 3:07 PM, FearMyPony said:

    The cost of being a summoner of any race are too high. It costs me ~75a each time my pony hits with bss and that is with crafting my own shots. This is considering that the Adena drop rate has not increased since lvl 30+ and I am 50+. The normal server has bss at 20a each...classic has it at 75a. Why?

    List of complaints:

    A) Increase Aden drop rate

    B) Decrease beast soul shots (bss) used by servitor

    C) Is for cookie, that good enough for me!

    D) Increase drop rate of spell books, a base 2-5% per SB... MY SE needs DW

    E) nough complaining :) 

    You have to farm without bss or find a zone that give you around 350 / 400 a per kill.
    the best way is to farm with nuker group. you have a good nuke and self recharge with your Boxer OR you nuke with Merrow.

    Classic is hard for pve. For PVP just use all that you have. :D

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