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  1. Clan declaration limit

    I agree with all the above, especially notifying the clan which clan member killed the five guys that changed a 1-way war to a 2-way war. How many L2 players have to quit before this is fixed?
  2. I also am aware of players leaving the game due to the same issue. You have PVP clans supposedly "fighting the zerg" but starting 2-way wars with PVE clans, and hunting lower characters. The same PVE clans that some of their members came from, I might add. NCSoft adds a "Clan Entry" system to help new players find clans, but now PVE clans can't accept these new players because, sooner or later, you will get a guy from a PVP that gets one of his alts in your clan, then starts 2-way wars with his PVP clan. So we have to say sorry to these new players. How many quit after getting that answer? NCSoft also adds "legal botting" now, with their macro system, so PVP clans have another way to start 2-way wars. So you wake up in the morning, see we have a 2-way up now, and have no way to see who started it. NCSoft gladly tells the whole clan who gets killed or kills someone in 2-way, but keeps who starts it secret.