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  1. I agree with all the above, especially notifying the clan which clan member killed the five guys that changed a 1-way war to a 2-way war. How many L2 players have to quit before this is fixed?
  2. I also am aware of players leaving the game due to the same issue. You have PVP clans supposedly "fighting the zerg" but starting 2-way wars with PVE clans, and hunting lower characters. The same PVE clans that some of their members came from, I might add. NCSoft adds a "Clan Entry" system to help new players find clans, but now PVE clans can't accept these new players because, sooner or later, you will get a guy from a PVP that gets one of his alts in your clan, then starts 2-way wars with his PVP clan. So we have to say sorry to these new players. How many quit after getting that answer
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