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  1. Drop items on death ?

    Ah ok, that's good to know ! And I like the fact that you do drop items if you're red. But if you use dying instead of SoE, you also lose 4% XP, right ?
  2. Drop items on death ?

    Hey guys ! So, I've been quite careful not to die, but I did die twice already (because I was stupid ) and noticed that I didn't drop any item on the ground like we sometimes used to in the original Lineage II ... is this an intended feature here ? Not complaining, just asking
  3. Spellbook : Drain Energy

    Ah excellent, thanks a lot !
  4. Spellbook : Drain Energy

    Hi guys, I'm a Dark Elf Fighter and I'd like to learn the "Drain Energy" skill, does it drop somewhere or do we have to buy it at some Trader like we used to in the good old days ? Thanks !
  5. Out of Soulshots

    This is exactly what those "classic is hardcore" people don't realize... I've played the original Lineage II (way back in 2004 iirc), and yes at first we didn't have SS, not because we couldn't afford them, but because they didn't exist. When they introduced the SS, the drops of Adena, mats and spoil were enough for us to buy those SS in shops or through those sitting dwarves in the beginner's villages. The difference here is that they modified the drops in this version, and we are indeed too poor to buy SS, so if we want to feel like we felt in the original L2 days when there actually were SS ingame, we pretty much have to buy them with real money. Smart move from NCSoft, and even smarter move to get some people to defend them on that
  6. Out of Soulshots

    Hmm ... well, my playing times are a bit erratic, so that might not be that easy... From what I'm trying to understand from the guy who posted just above, does that mean that you can buy Soulshots and Spiritshots with real money from the NCSoft cash shop ? That would be ... a real pay-to-win advantage, right ?
  7. Out of Soulshots

    What language are you speaking ?
  8. Out of Soulshots

    Woah ... that's not very reassuring ... so what do you do then ? Kill mobs without any Soulshots ?
  9. Out of Soulshots

    Hello guys ! I'm really glad to be able to play on this Classic server, it reminds me of the good old days when I started playing Lineage II as my first MMO ! Anyway, I find myself running out of Soulshots very fast on my warriors characters (I don't have that much of a problem with Spiritshots on my magic-users), do you have the same problem or am I doing something wrong ? And how do you handle this situation ? I know I could just buy Soulshots at a store, but they're quite expensive... Thanks !