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  1. What are you listening to right now?

  2. eviscerator 'solo' kamaloka ;)

    I believe it will take you roughly 15 minutes to complete a run with just a PP with pom ... Maybe less... Your items are more than fine ... Take gog buff also, it will lessen your time by a lot ...
  3. Freya's Fortune Stick Starts on 12/12

    Aggreed ... I would see it as an opportunity to make some extra adena without much of a hassle ... It actually works that way if you're ready to see it ...
  4. Returning player

    Glad to help mate ... Use this link to check all the classes and skills available and choose the one you like most ... I can tell you what most people are looking for, but, whatever the class, an iss is always welcome ... Have fun .
  5. Freya's Fortune Stick Starts on 12/12

    DrblOw and Gicobbe yesterday also ... on +18 I think ..
  6. Fafurion update NC Japan

    I saw that the cost of that exchange, in the example of armors, is quite high ..
  7. Returning player

    Well, the classes that are absolutely needed and you will always get parties, if you have the corresponding items that is, are tanks/healers/isses ... But you must have some nice defensive items on high level farm/instances ..
  8. Freya's Fortune Stick Starts on 12/12

    It's not an event... It's a sale ... The event is this --> Red Libra
  9. Does Classic give an SK the Vanguard skill

    Nop ... No tank has the Vanguard skill on classic ... It's removed ...
  10. Maximum level was not 70?

    I do remember, correct me if I'm wrong, that the 70 level cap was not a cut point cap like 80 + 100% back in the day ... I think they said about a hard level cap ... Which makes it possible to level past 70 albeit with the difficulty being extreme ..
  11. Lvl 80 Subclass

    Max level reachable on Subclasses is 80 ... That's why you cannot exp ... If you wish to use that subclass and xp it, make it a dualclass ... That's the only way to have a 2nd class 85+ except ur main in one character ..
  12. R-Grade

    You don't need to get the R95 ... Try to bless and put full attributes on Twilight and then, when you're able to, overenchant it ... Or you can just rush through 85-99 levels and gather up money to buy R99 ..
  13. My Lineage "classic" experience / rant

    The actual problem right now is the player-base ... However we gonna look at it ... Unfortunately, we grew tired of everything as a whole ... We are not satisfied ... The problem is ours, and it won't change no matter what changes may come to the game ... That's it ... 10+ years ago we were enjoying the journey ... Now, all we're looking for is the destination ... So, unless our mindset changes, then this game is gonna be like it is now ... We are at fault for that ..
  14. Dyes for SK !!!

    If party Pve/pvp is your preferable choice then you should go for CON +4 STR -4 ... DEX isn't needed ... But, you can also stay with your normal stats w/o dyes if you are going to grind by yourself also ...
  15. No adena = Server dying

    I already answered that on my first post, here ..