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  1. Please remove/change Song of Purification

    Alright, let me break this down for you ... Skelth died for completely different reasons than a simple skill which according to your reasoning "breaks the pvp meta" .. The pvp meta isn't something for you, or for any of us to decide ... You keep comparing classic to retail ... On God retail the debuff skills in general are at least 80% less in number than classic .. You also forget the chance there is/was extremely low to begin with on all debuffs ... And don't forget about the epics as well ... On Classic, on the other hand, debuff skills exist in abundance ... Moreover, the chance to land one is more than 90% ... Even if, like you think, Song of Purification adds almost complete immunity on a character, which it doesn't, you still have 20% chance to land some by the sheer number of the debuffs actually available in all classes ... Besides, it doesn't work that way ... The skill adds 80% resistance on the existant value which adds comparably less than you would actually believe ... After all, new epics come into play every other update which have to increase some actually needed values to make them worth fighting over ... So, all in all .. 1) SoP adds value on a character's number which already exists but it is low, so it's minimal .. 2) The already high enough debuff land rate in conjuction with the sheer number of debuffs doesn't make it as bleak as you make it out to be, and 3) Epics still play a huge role in the game, and with more coming, there should be a way to make debuffs deliberately more unreliable, to make the need for epics much bigger .. Any other questions ?
  2. Please remove/change Song of Purification

    I shouldn't even answer to that but I will for argument's sake ... You are here crying about a single class's skill which, according to your point of view, is game-breaking ... And you require to be nerfed ... So, in other words, you suggest to cripple a class just because you can't figure out a way to bypass it ... It's not only a party skill, it's also the class' skill which is supposed to be somewhat extreme ... Have you seen other level 80 skills on other classes ? No ? Ok, then ... Besides that, you, as well as NCWest has no control over which skills are gonna be changed, nerfed, or boosted ... That relies solely on Korea ... So, buckle up... It's gonna be a bumpy ride for you ... And yes, I'm a sws ... This class is in need of some love, so, it's one of the class' best skills ...
  3. Swordsinger skill level 76.

    No sws skill is dual-sword only restricted ... if you are talking about Deadly Strike, the description on the wiki is wrong ... It can be used with dual-swords, swords and blunts ... The original L2 counterpart could be used with daggers also ...This is not the case now ...
  4. sumoner class recommendation

    Elves on Classic are better as a race because of the WIT stat ... It makes a huge difference ... However you wanna look at it, there isn't a single point where a SM can top an EM .. Even with the pvp damage penalty ..
  5. Skill Enchanting Help

    Skills are not high level enough ... For now, focus on exping... You don't need to enchant your skills ...
  6. Please remove/change Song of Purification

    This is the only skill that actually makes a difference in this freakfest of debuffs ... Besides, every single party has a swm ... If you don't have a swm, then you should die ... Simple as that ... Do not try to cripple a class, just because you cannot figure out a way to pvp ..
  7. Archer Server

    Suck it up ... It's the only skill that actually makes PR worthwhile ... With that terrible attack speed, it is one of the worst classes in game ... Even a turtle with a bow would hit faster ... Extreme dmg and high STR are this class' strong points ...
  8. Class Questions...

    The hardest of these class as far as xp is concerned is AW .. It's not needed anywhere, and its skills miss a lot so it will be a pain in the ass ... It will shine on leve 78 after learning Focus Death ... Warlords are the kings of xp, however you wanna look at it ... You can aoe xp by yourself and find some mage party which is gonna be even easier cuz you can protect the squishy robes by stunning the mobs on aoe .. It's more of a crowd controller and basically stunning everyone not the dd kind of class later on ... Destros are the kings of one-target xp and raids ... Their damage on pvp is mediocre at best, but it's better that some other close range easy to kill fighters .. i say "mediocre" cause they will die in seconds by every other class in game ... But the xp is fun ... SK is a tank ... But with really good curses/cubics and poison/bleed which makes it a more or less fairly easy class to xp solo and of course invited in any xp or raid party ... So, to sum this up.. XP wise : WL>Titan>SK>AW PVP wise(78+) : AW>SK>Titan>WL Anyways, each class has its pros and cons... It only matters what you want to try out and play ... You'll have fun with anything eventually ... Just think about your precedences as fas as the game is concerned, and you will figure it out ..
  9. What are you listening to right now?

  10. eviscerator 'solo' kamaloka ;)

    I believe it will take you roughly 15 minutes to complete a run with just a PP with pom ... Maybe less... Your items are more than fine ... Take gog buff also, it will lessen your time by a lot ...
  11. Freya's Fortune Stick Starts on 12/12

    Aggreed ... I would see it as an opportunity to make some extra adena without much of a hassle ... It actually works that way if you're ready to see it ...
  12. Returning player

    Glad to help mate ... Use this link to check all the classes and skills available and choose the one you like most ... I can tell you what most people are looking for, but, whatever the class, an iss is always welcome ... Have fun .
  13. Freya's Fortune Stick Starts on 12/12

    DrblOw and Gicobbe yesterday also ... on +18 I think ..
  14. Fafurion update NC Japan

    I saw that the cost of that exchange, in the example of armors, is quite high ..
  15. Returning player

    Well, the classes that are absolutely needed and you will always get parties, if you have the corresponding items that is, are tanks/healers/isses ... But you must have some nice defensive items on high level farm/instances ..