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  1. GIRAN offline

    The same thing just happened to me. I was able to log in both characters give a couple buffs and then got massive lag. Both characters were DC at the same time and now I cannot get passed the server selection screen.
  2. Scammed, Giran

    Sorry you got scammed. I have made some bad transactions over the years, being tired and or just not paying close enough attention to what I was doing. I also have friends that have just been flat out robbed (in a way). This took place many years ago on Devianne server... Me and a friend were standing at an arena watching some PvP matches. We were on team speak chatting away. Next thing I know my friend tells me "Okay man, trade me my bow back, I am going to go farm"... I don't have your bow, what do you mean? "I just traded it to you, so you could check your stats and see what it looked like with your char, stop playing around."... Dude, i'm being serious, I have no idea what you're talking about, I never even asked that... Turns out someone had created a new character with a name almost exactly as mine. They swaped out an 'I' (capital i) for a 'l' (lower case L) or something very similar. They messaged him and he traded them his +6 Emi bow. When we got back to town, that person was sat there selling his bow in a afk shop. After that, my friend stopped playing for months. He had the screen shots of the PMs, showing the name similarity, and the screen shots of the char selling his bow. He got no help, only an email of apology from NC on the matter with a statement that they were aware of similar situations across the servers, but are unable to help him. They told him to be more careful.
  3. No fists

    I used the 1h sword until I could buy a cheap set of iron gloves (these are terrible, yes, but better than nothing, until you save up adena) off someone for 4k. I used those until I saved up enough for Cestus for 75k (At the time, now you can find for 68-70k), doing the spider quest from DE village. Spider quest might be tedious, but the XP and adena is fair. There are a couple of places where very few people farm the quest and you only have to worry about prowlers if you're concerned with poison. Yes, you might spend all the adena you have on your weapons, but after you make the switch over to the Cestus you will be happy you did. You will also be able to kill much easier and faster which in turn allows you to farm that sweet sweet adena faster. A lot of people save up for the Vipers, but you can always buy the Cestus first and then save up enough for vipers and turn around and re-sell your Cestus to make up the required difference. Don't forget you can do the quest for the Moon armor at level 25, so don't worry too much about your NG armor.