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  1. It's hard to believe but if it's true sorry for attacking and insulting you, I hope he will get a little break from the game.
  2. Yes he abused, but you're the one who's toxic To ks because he's to slow to kill because he's dwarf. Lol You ks because you're toxic and don't care about others. Hey dwarf if you're reading this, hold him on stun when he's killing mobs, believe me he won't touch your mobs again. Just make sure you have full mp to hold him on stun for enough of time.
  3. Update: I got an apology that they investigated only "my first bath" of reports. The result - none of them are online. But they still lied, they became offline only today while reply from support I got was on Saturday 12am. It's up to you to decide why it took so long to but bans on them, maybe because the evidence of lies became public, who knows, but I still asked for explanation and I will update wtf is going on with them. Personally I already quit this server but I still have an interest in what is going on here, might come back after they introduce new system and new updates abou
  4. There's no point in sending tickets. I sent with a lot of bots and got the reply that they took necessary actions which means ban, no other ways because in previous emails I managed to push the answer out of them what they do if they confirm that person is botting and their reply was - banning them. Result of their necessary actions - let the roam free in the wild world of classic, no bans were done. So they lie.
  5. RMT is +- ok because you need to put an effort to get what you want to sell, it keeps live population, it keeps competition, it's not an easy thing to RMT when you need to upgrade gear too. What's not ok is cheating (Bots) that gives a struggle for live players, that gives you less mobs, less experience, less communication around and shit tone of RMT. You can't kill them because once you do, you're screwed for -4% each count of pk. What's more not ok is to lie to people about your actions. Bot report button, bot report tickets are bleepin useless as they don't ban, they tell you they did
  6. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Because bots are farming 24/7 while you wait. None got banned from what I reported. Support told they're but I checked by pm, all online. WTF?! @Juji @Hime
  7. I had only 80 people queue logged in just recently.
  8. There're already free illegal classic servers with better rates and security against bots than here. Where admins really care about community because they bring them money. European classic f2p servers. when they ban bots they really do but not lie like this gaming company
  9. I'm wondering why did they lied to me that they banned bots when they actually did nothing
  10. If I correctly understand they have already looked into it. They said they will tell after they receive update. Update was received October 24 and so know issues were updated too https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/3475-known-issues-classic-launch-updated-10242018/ Do you see anything about bots, adenas and spoils in 40+ zones or some of the 20-40 zones where some of them are bleeped up? There're none and it's the only update about issues after update was received.
  11. And you know what? They will tell you to submit ticket. Then you'll get reply that they banned them. What I did after reply - pmed the bots and they're online. So wondering what did they ban and what are they thanking me for
  12. so 1. is an extra reason for you to make a refund as you haven't got what you bought
  13. 1. If you would have payed attention after purchase it said "Coins will be delivered in 24 hours" 2. Make yourself a favor and refund it before they delivered it. Server is infested by bots. I reported more than 20 bots, got reply to the mail that all of them are banned and decided to check by myself if they really did. Bots are still online 5 hours after email. 40+ level zones are nerfed af, people are quitting game because after 40 you're not able to progress as adena and spoil rates are 2x better in <40 level zones. some of the <40 level zones are also not ok. Bot report button is n
  14. There were updates. By what they said it means everything is fine how it is now because: Replies on Tuesday October 23 about spoils and adena: Something smells fishy Juji replied to Booyacka's topic in General Classic Discussion Came in over the weekend to report these issues to the development team and also requested information from players in the community discord that Draecke provided the link to above. We are still hammering away at major issues with queues, bots, and concerns with Adena drops, but I do provide several updates every week on the for
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