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  1. Assuming I were to start playing...

    Thanks for answers. I can see multibox is actually needed which puts me off somewhat. I do enjoy party play without having to swap between several L2 instances every now and then which doesn't seem to be the case here, at least not consistently. I'll give it some more thought before jumping in
  2. Hello, I am considering starting some new character here but from my previous L2 experience I know multiboxing was a de facto standard. So how does it look now? Are you expected to run several accounts/toons or it is realistically possible to have and play one character, join a clan and actually find fellas to play with? Also, if you were to begin playing, what (non spoiler) character would you recommend as a starter?
  3. Zones below 40 are usually simple. A bit of poison, bleed, maybe one mob has stun. Try going deeper into ant nest if you want something tougher and in bigger numbers. Later on its paralysis, silence, even sleep. All the while mobs are 4+x hp. You wont see this in solo for sure. TOI or LOA are nice.examples of more dangerous spots. Also training above 40 requires selected group but is probably boring as support dd like bd or sws. In that case all the fun goes to dds and healer, maybe spoiler.
  4. I'm done with Classic.

    Fare thee well
  5. Almost 2 weeks of incompetence...

    Haha, was thinking along the same lines recently
  6. Second Buffer - Which one ?

    Have you considered playing just spoiler and finding a clan? Maybe even, you know, talking to people...
  7. How about second server for Europe

    While I am not saying you are wrong, one tiny fact - the servers are not full of VIPs, they are simply full. It is just that the amount of people logging out is lower then even the amount of VIP players trying to log in. But in fact, most logged-in people will very likely be non-VIP. Why? Because as non-VIP (or with your buff bot character), you now have no reason to log out, it is too risky, you might not get back in.
  8. Vip drop rate % question

    There is difference, but consider that the rates now are, according to other ppl calculations, about 0.25%. Hence even if your vip gave you twice the numbber, you would still be at 0.5% which feels like you don't even drop a thing...
  9. I tend to think freemium should have the original 1x rate as advertised. That would serve to sustain large enough player base. Otherwise players run into problems like we have now and will drop. The idea of f2p is that you can first play and if you like it, then pay. That is not working now and wouldn't in future unless the xp gaines is alligned with adena gained and drops/spoils...whatever that rate is. VIP levels would then be getting rates above that, like they do now. Just my 0.02$ though...
  10. Pardon my lame question, been long years since I played L2 - why are dark elf summoners different in this regard?
  11. The Great Wall

    Yep, lvling my phantom summoner now... Welcome to the L2 classic summoner server Anyways, cant wait to hear *any* answer from the devs. Even if they say no just so that I can walk away on this steaming pile of classic.