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  1. What about Loggin in game?? Continue LOOOONG Qeue like 8h +/- to loggin in game?? What about SPOIL RATE? What about BOTS? What ABOUT ADENA SELLERS? What ABOUT the FIX liar?
  2. after 6 hours on qeue i will loggin in game... NICEEE WORK!
  3. i'm here trying connect on the server after 3hours... and to decrease the list is every 15 seconds... Guys, think that is the most the "IMPORTANT" solution?
  4. All progress maybe will be see tomorrow? So, nice work!
  5. All espectatives about this server classic, is going off... When the player stay in front of PC trying get up 10% and die on less of 5sec? Lost like 1h - 2h trying to got max 15% on lvl..? think about if he died 3x time on same time? 4h - 6h Lost? or maybe a day playing? whe need more action in staff, and less talk. Make this a high priority @Hime @Juji
  6. Guys follow my post here about qeue. Here is my post about Qeue.
  7. Guys follow my post about qeue. Follow my post about Qeue.
  8. I have more than 3 hour trying loggin and got DC everytime.
  9. Guys join on this post that i made and look this. Follow this post about qeue.
  10. Follow my post here guys. PUMP: Check my post and AGG!
  11. I think that staff need make an solution to help solve this problem, maybe staff can reduce the box ussing per players from 3 till 2. A.Why this change? R: Because have players ONLINE with 3x BoX without making nothing only sitting with a tittle "REC ME PLEASE" only got another space into the server for nothing? when has another players liking stay into the game to play ... This can make a same solution till staff solve in a future the problem with new user with the (Qeue) "Waiting list" to can play... Sorry per my bad english. Staff in GENERAL
  12. *Gameplay Issues Level 15 Newbie quests are giving out soulshots instead of spritshots when you select "Take a Spiritshot Pack". Pick up a 0 NCoin Spiritshot bundle in the meantime. About this, who got the "spiritshot pack" in an account who make first an character fighter.. CAN'T purchace again the pack if he make an second character like ( Mage. )... maybe will be transfer the spiritshots ?? i create an character tipe Fighter and cant end the quest from Lvl 15... bcz is full from ppls killings same creatures, i chose create an character mage and i'm lvl 15 making this quest to g
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