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  1. Naia DOWN

    Server is down on Last Kama RB
  2. Tyrr Dreadnought new skill

    https://youtu.be/gbi0URPn-t4 in future updates tyrr DN will receive 360 attack and could be much better in pve
  3. Lineage 2 PTS server

    HI guys. Anyone knows official Public test Servers? Eu/RuOff/Korean.
  4. Wynn's Rehabilitation Program

    First of all, NEED TO FIX SERVITOR SHARE! What the hell, i have full stun jewelry but cats catching stuns from Kalios in k95 again and again... Y, i know that servitor share transfers only PVE/PVE Weapon/Armor stats. But what about other PVP, PVE equip: belts, cloaks, hats...???
  5. WTS Power LvL 100+

    Where are u LVLing ppls? Instanes?
  6. Macro test on PK scammer

    Macro looks like safe. But not 100% So, Max clan is scammers clan???
  7. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, February 21, 2018

    Weird No new p2w event after restart? Where is Boots of Power with +100Att and +100500 damage to Visa Gold holders?
  8. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, February 14, 2018

    I'm really SHOCKED, how many items players can DONATE to become stronger! Even free l2 servers dont have so many donate items. And difference between donate and no donate player is not so great! And dont have so many bots! Is it really official l2 servers???
  9. PSA on Automated Macros and PvP

    Hahaha, its rly easy Example(maybe Next Target macro) : /target Cantera video :
  10. Beware of scam

    How Gms can remove any player items??? COD mail is a game moment! And GMs cant be involved in a game moments! If someone COD item with wrong price/item, its his problems and his stupidity. Or maybe this items was dropped from macro PK player?
  11. Tauti / Top Shadow

    Actually we have skill Sharing Equipment wich transfers ability of equipped items.
  12. Tauti / Top Shadow

    Hi guys! I have Tauti 2H Axe, thinking to change it to Top Shadow Retributer. It will be a good boost for my pets? Shadow have less P.Atk, but it gives +10% PVE wich can be transfered to cats. Ofc, +12 PVE retri is the best weapon, but atm its too expensive for me.