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  1. WTB plated leather set

    Wtb plated leather set 5.5m or best offer
  2. WTB Warcryer amulets (mv/vr/rage/fury)

    fury bough ty
  3. As i am one of the few WC left on this almost dead server , i want to buy my buffs , not gonna pay overpriced amulets. Keep thoses in ur inventory until bots make them so cheap ull regret not selling them sooner (most of theses drop either from sea of spore wich is infested by bots or drops from FOM daily mobs). Heres the price i can afford to pay for theses buffs Mouvement : 400k Fury: 400k Vampire: 500k Rage : 800k Thanks in advance . You can mail me to Helloimjohn in game if u wanna deal
  4. WTS CDL curse death link

    traded for great pata +3 , thx
  5. WTS CDL curse death link

    Selling spellbook :curse death link (cdl) 14m or best offer . Mail S0meone (someone with a zero instead of the first O)
  6. You wait 10 mins to log in to have a chat saying ( the client will close, continue ? with only OK as answer) .... nice