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  1. Even now on Retail GoD Servers it's Angelic Archon
  2. Paladins are already considered probably the worst or 2nd worst class in the game, so i see no issue and allowing them to have AA useable whenever for raids/world pvp leveling in the fear that oh shit it might be considered op in Oly.... it needs to happen and it has happened.
  3. Please remove the requirement of 30% hp to use on this ability, it's a major bump for the tank, and recently EU Classic server Skelth with there latest patch got it removed so now they aren't totally useless and boring.
  4. I stalk it from time to time and the discord has blown up.
  5. Thats for you sure, but the old game holds more nostalgia than the forums for me and a great deal of people that also didn't spend there time on the forums.
  6. WTB Powerleveling with friendship
  7. Well that is something new but, what about we get some very important news as to when lineage 2 classic NA going to come out. I mean you're getting rid of the old forums lets give some rebirth to this nostalgia experience in the form of L2Classic NA news.
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