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  1. Mixa? it is free to play but what about those that have spent a ton of money and are wrongly banned? You gonna say to bad for them or what?
  2. You have issues that are creating separation like the enchanting issue(intended or not it is a separation that should not exist). Also teleports costs being 1x vrs the dumbed down adena drops/ adena/spoil/item drop rate being crazy low. You have ran off almost all the casual player base and admit it or not there is alot of income there also. It is up to ncsoft to run this as they see fit but the end result is easy to see if nothing gets done.
  3. For those keeping track of the server login counts? You can see what i see. To ncsoft we try and try and try to help but the lack of support your giving to us its starting to show big. Please guys fix it before it is to late(it may be but hopefully its not). And to the nay sayers? Say what you want login counts do not lie. I love this game and want to continue to play but what i am seeing says enough.
  4. But you must bring the gameplay back up to its original drop/spoils rates as everyone is aware its not right at the moment.
  5. I agree combine these servers back to 2 servers then create a paid monthly model with a minimal amount of l2shop items also. I alone would purchase atleast 6-8 accounts not to mention how many others would also. Atleast this way you will lower the amount of adena sellers and you would profit off of them aswell if there gonna try to bot on the server.
  6. I am well aware of how it works i have been in big clans where we have decided the heros. And for that reason i can say that what i said is accurate. Its not a secret the best man doesn't win. And it is not a secret that most of the hero's are and have been cheats and program users so stop acting like its a legit system. On ncsofts side it is fair but on our side we just cheat the system as usual to get what we want.
  7. Hopefully never it has and always will be a way for cheaters to get even more overpowered. very few legit players ever get hero
  8. Not true when the game started everyone was playing and they were posting as well. just look back at all the posts.lol not a very good defense sir.
  9. You spelled sisters wrong? or as intended?
  10. Wow i have been watching and every week that goes by fewer and fewer posts or comments about anything. Even the new patch notes and event are getting no responses. Has this game been ruined to where its to late to recover?
  11. Please do away with this event every time the weekend shows up all good areas just double in bot population making it unplayable for the live player. I would much rather see way less the more because more =more bots and they don't allow the live players to do a thing.
  12. To Dev/Support because of this comment alone i would make a statement to show otherwise.
  13. Well i would consider this to be an exploit as this is not the way it was intended. And as we all know exploits are a bannable offense so maybe the dev/support team needs to further investigate this issue as it has already imbalanced the game.
  14. I know we will not get an answer as it allows them to change things as needed. But i would also like an answer as to the lvl cap. We do not want a sideways answer we want a exact number as to the lvl cap. Also tell us if we will soon be seeing A grade mats dropping as there are higher lvl mobs in game currently that drop A grade mats. you need to start giving exact answers and stop sidesteping things please.
  15. lol shakedown why would you defend what looks to be an exploit? There is no way this many +10 and above weapons should be on this server at this point in the game and to have a +17 already? Now lets be real there is an exploitation in my opinion going on and they need to find it. back when this version came out there were alot of ways to exploit weapon enchanting. They must have missed one and if you look i will bet there all coming from maybe 1-2 clans only and that also says alot right there. you are allowed to believe what you want to believe but i also know the percentages and there's
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