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  1. right, so... i'm a tank and you're asking to make my toon even more obsolete? please NC, add mass 20x dmg skill to tanks, because ...equality i guess? you do understand how selfish, game breaking and unfair that would be right?
  2. ok, just this question as a quote, but basically 1/3 of all the comments in the maintenence thread are like this.... i mean... ARE YOU GUYS SERIOUS?????? READ THE COMMENTS!!!! all of the info was laid down before you, it clearly says it spawns randomly like any other mob with a respawn time of 12+-3hrs... PLEASE read the DEV tracker or something, because now it seems all you do is read the notes halfheartedly and decide oh, i'm gonna do everyone a favor and post this irrelevant question, that shouldn't even come up...because it was already written about... I can't believe I'm saying
  3. Hey, thanks for the suggestions you guys are awesome LordDragnil - i have the 101 Aura, thinking of enchanting it to lvl 10 p/m def. 7signs is a bit pricey for it's benefits isn't it? Abu lvl 1 is about 10bil, but i think it might be worth it . what circlet should i look into? have noble grace +1, but i'm guessing i should get +5 radiant without second thought right? i'm not concentrated in the dual class right now, my main priority is the tank but i'm thinking of getting a +6 light set for the archer in the future, or just convert the exalted set to light, once i get r99
  4. Hi guys and gals, need advice from you fellow tanks of the game i have a 106lvl 20+% sigel shilen knight. can't seem to find any parties basically, since i'm only in my exalted gear and most of the clans and parties want at least 107-108 lvl tank... and because i manage to get 2-2.5% per day, it doesn't seem i'll reach 107 soon and my vit maintaining rune will be gone in like a week so in a couple of weeks time i should have something like 50-60bli adena from selling stuff on the market and i was wondering what would be my item priority list? i was thinking, if i'm lucky, i might find
  5. Hey, thanks for your reply Shoppy I know it requires A LOT of RLM to get everything to experience endgame content to the fullest. I am just looking for tips, suggestions, guides for how to keep a steady income of Adena and consumables and some exp, that i could mainly achieve playing solo, investing maybe 2-4 hours a day, more during the weekends. and i don't mind getting 4000NCoins every other month Thanks again for your reply Have a great day!
  6. Hi everybody, Last i played Lineage2 was about a year ago and it was for a couple of weeks at most and i'm planning on coming back for good (playing for 2 weeks already ). I'll try to describe my playstyle/ progress, daily routine as best as i can and would like to hear your thoughts and advice on how to make the best of my situation and what should i do to immerse myself again . so... I'm a lvl 99 Shilen Sigel Templar. No dualclass, just subs lvl 80 archer(the one i plan on eventually making my dual), lvl 78 sumoner and lvl 69 archer (heard somewhere i have to have 3 subs lvl 76+
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