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  1. Too late for that. If they had a beta/live server before official launch to test sever etc, maybe they considered it (but i doubt it, L2 is a box game). Some people paid VIP and lvled characters on more than 2 accounts by now. They are not just going to take that away. It does not even matter if it's a good or a bad idea, it's a bit too late anyway.
  2. They said that they are "looking into it", that means they did not decide if they are actually going to change the rates or not. Which means it might not even be at the programmer stage. People are asking if they decided to change it or not. And if they will: "our team started working on the changes" or what ever bla bla bla....
  3. Having box was always part of the game. People will still look for end game main supports. But there's no reason not to implement offline shops.
  4. Beside fixing the login problem after sitting in Que (all new games have Que at release, here is quite short compared to other official launches i experienced, the main issue is getting kicked after Que), you should implement offline shop.
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