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  1. youTube

    correct the forum so that the video from YouTube is displayed
  2. correct the forum so that the video from YouTube is displayed
  3. It would be nice if 2 new servers were opened This would show people that the administration is paying attention to the server complex. Because any reasonable person asks himself.... whether he should start playing here? if in a year Cronos and Naia unite and in a year and this joint server becomes empty, and there will be nothing to unite in future And is there an opportunity in the future to unite with the Korean servers? - it would be a very unexpected move from the administration
  4. November 2018 Preview

    Please put on sale PVE cloak +7
  5. [News] Golden Compass Event

    This event is not for players 100+ This event is for a very very very well equipped 104+ and for heroes

    But the idea to combine Korean servers with North American into a single server complex .... I think this is a good idea.

    This lies Any class can be found within 1-5 minutes There is already nothing to merge, because previously no new servers were opened If we combine 2 servers then many game elements disappear : 1 Dimensional Raids (this is a quest for Nobles) 2 Transfer between servers
  8. NCSoft -- What are your long term plans?

    Need to open new servers AND Pay attention to the L2 store and concept of the game
  9. This game is popular in Eastern Europe and the Latin American region. In this list there are no such important countries where Lineage 2 is popular: Romania ,Argentina, Chile, Colombia,Thailand and Vietnam PS: Monaco, Malta, Liechtenstein, is a city-state with a population not exceeding 50 thousand inhabitants