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  1. Clan Points Event

    Maybe you need to hold an event for clan points ? because it is very difficult to make level up for a small clan of friends
  2. PK Festival - 85 to 105 zones

    Guys this is no longer funny I don’t understand what the problem is and why does everyone raise the PK theme, if PK is part of the game? I was killed yesterday in PK by this same MOLE 3 times I teleport to the city, buffed, back and killed this PK - got a green nickname I got a lot of pleasure and fun from the rivalry against the PK. So why are you CRYING and WEEP ?
  3. Why don't pk drop?

    1 Need to ban for a "scam PK" 2 It is necessary to return the drop from the PK The old balanced system L 2 I think is broken
  4. Collecting tolls for farm

    1. This forum is read only by 10% of players and this is the maximum. If you want to convey information to players that "Extorting by PK " violates the rules of the game, so report it many times in the GM chat in the game. 2. This is only one rule out of 3. Read carefully 1 point "Obscene, vulgar or inappropriate language towards you or others" and tell me who follows it in the game? Maybe we will massively write petitions to GM support for this violation? And who will remain on the server if all PK and cads are banned? only bots ?...... therefore there are questions that can be solved in the game yourself, if they offend you or kill into PK - ANSWER SAME , but don’t overload the GM support it’s already overload https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/18035-delay-in-customer-support-ticket-response/ Be adults and learn to solve some issues yourself (without uncle GMa ) it will come in handy in life
  5. No spots to farm..

    It’s just that these servers are crowded, including with players boxes Why the Administration does not open new 1-2 servers ?, I do not understand, they had to be opened for a long time ago
  6. L2 world hostility has reached another level!

    The struggle for a profitable spot, the struggle for the resource, the struggle for the RB, this is the basis of the foundations of this game since its inception. This game is not for crybaby, but for people with a character. Show your character to this PK and he will be afraid of you ! Even now, 1 scroll removing 1 PK costs 16 mil Bring 2-3 of your boxes and stand stubbornly on your spot ! How many times will he be able to kill you and your box? 50 times? It will cost him 16x50 = 800 mil. Will he be able to spend 800 mil every day and spend his time for kill in PK? The answer is - NO PK- does not violate the rules of the game but maybe this game is just not for you?
  7. Dragon Shirt

    please tell me How to get the Dragon Shirt here ? Maybe there was an event on the dragon shirts that I missed? I see are selling 3 types enchant scrolls: for bracelet, for circlet and for dragon shirt but how to get a dragon shirt i don't know
  8. PK for Spot

    PK is an element of the game that was originally conceived to make the game more realistic and made L 2 play with new colors, unlike the same World of Warcraft In L 2 you can be genteel and you can be a bad and a pirate, which in turn brings an element of reputation to the game L 2 was not originally a friendly game for absolutely everyone, it is so conceived, so why do you suddenly raise the issue of PK after 17 years? The fact that some players complain about a PK is not a PK problem, but a PK imbalance problem, as you wrote that a return to normal status occurs in the field of killing 2 mobs, you may need to wait for toughening for PK in the next updates, but remove the PK element in general will be a big mistake and loss of the element of realism of the game and the reputation of the players PS: I personally do not see any problems in the PK... killed? Well, killed .. risen and play again ( absolutely no problem )
  9. Limit load 3 game clients

    I care not about myself but about new players, they no spots for exp From Naia server : new player can get a maximum of lvl 102 in Bloody Swapland so, what is next ? Blazing swamp - full parties boxes Hellbound - full parties boxes Enchanted Valley - 50% parties boxes 50% parties main players Ivory Tower - 50% parties boxes 50% parties main players It’s very difficult for new players to play here because of the many boxes pt. PS: or as an option open 1-2 new servers for new players
  10. PK for Spot

    If someone offends me in the game, I solve this problem myself silently If offend to you , you run to complain to the uncle to the administrator and cry on the forum Feel the difference? A PK is part of the Lineage game and many players wrote to you here, but you are trying to prove your point as like a child, although you yourself understand the absurdity of your arguments
  11. PK for Spot

    And what hurt you if a bunch of pixels in the monitor fell to the ground from a bunch of other red pixels ? Lineage is a game with its own rules, but you won’t scream and cry if a player eats your pawn in chess ? In general, you yourself need to start this game by studying the rules and there are also points about obscene language and rude communication But there is no ban for the PK https://us.ncsoft.com/en-us/legal/lineage-2/lineage-2-rules-of-conduct
  12. PK for Spot

    so it’s just your feelings are wounded if you cry here. I prefer to solve problems like a adult man in a game rather than whining on the forum PS.There is such a type of people who are rude at first, and after run to complain to the administrator or mother when they are deservedly pulled by the their ear
  13. PK for Spot

    As you think, if PK are forbidden by the rules, then why in the game present there is PK mechanics ? I personally never make a PK because of the spot, but I always make a PK for the boorish behavior of players
  14. Ranking system extension

    I propose to introduce a new rank in system of ranks : 1. The richest server characters - depends on the number of adena on the character 2. The most hated characters - depends on the PK counter on the character 3. The greatest server warriors - depends on the PvP counter on the character
  15. just bug

    I found a bug in the game and in order not to lead other players into the temptation, I sent an application to support. Request #23425825